Southridge Capital Leverages Experience and Innovation in Private Equity

With over $1.8 billion invested and having financed over 250 public companies since 1996, Southridge Capital’s five member management team is deeply experienced in providing its diverse clientele of small to middle market companies with advisory services, curated financing plans and other ‘out of the box’s solutions dedicated to supporting clients in each step of the growth process.


Under its advisory offerings, the Connecticut- based private equity firm engages clients through Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Mergers and Acquisitions procedures, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice and Legal Settlement.


Southridge Capital designs financial projections, performs debt and equity balance checks, negotiates debt structuring, and also focuses on litigation settlement.


Its structured finance planning services include Securitization, and Credit Enhancement. Southridge Capital can capture liquidity through its Equity Purchase Agreement, or monetize a company’s asset base by loaning against insider shares regardless of market conditions and without the need for red tape.


Outside of providing an array of financial solutions, Southridge Capital demonstrates corporate and social responsibility through philanthropy in the community and the world at large. Founder and CEO Stephan Hicks along with his wife, Mary, started the Daystar Foundation, an organization that has directly supported many other non for-profits such as LounsBury House, the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, the Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund to name a few.


The diversified financial holding firm remains committed to helping companies with the most unique and innovative approaches in their respective industries.


Most notable ventures include the $10 million Equity Purchase Agreement with ELayaway, a layaway payment processing and management services marketer in the retail, healthcare, sports and travel verticles; a $3M equity purchase with PureSafe Water Systems for innovations of water purification,an equity agreement with A5 for to create more effective medicines, and a $7M equity purchase with Adama Technologies, a hazardous waste disposal company. You can visit their Facebook page.



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Matt Badiali and His Incredible Investment Ideas

Investing has evolved into something that is completely necessary to the average everyday working American citizen. Since companies stopped supporting pension plans decades ago in order for a worker to retire from employment and enjoy the rest of their lives after working so hard, they need to begin saving and growing their income almost from the beginning of their professional career. In order to try and assist future investors and safe guard their retirement funds Matt Badiali, a writer, and investment guru has redeveloped an old concept known as freedom checks. Visit to know more.

Matt Badiali is a well known investor, entrepreneur, as well as a college professor. When Matt Badiali is not spending his time teaching his students at the college level but geography he is traveling the world in search of those he can enlighten about investment options, spreading the wealth of capitalism with the outside world. One avenue that Badiali uses is Banyan Hill Publishing, an investment blog, and publishing site that focuses on helping the common man make the right financial decisions. Badiali has been writing for the site for quite some time and is using it as a launching point for his freedom checks idea. Read this article at

Freedom checks operate outside of the watchful eye of the government, meaning that through a law known as Statute 26-F companies that use freedom checks will not have to worry about paying taxes on shareholder payouts. MIllions of dollars in taxes each year can be saved through the implementation of Matt Badiali’s freedom checks, a fact that has already made hundreds of oil and gas companies interested in utilizing them as a form of payout to employees as benefits options. Less tax means more money for investors to play around with, place into accounts and watch grow into something more than they once were.

Matt Badiali is making new ground with his fabulous and exciting new idea. If freedom checks do indeed become the investment shuttle of choice that he hopes then we as American citizens can finally look forward to saving money for retirement rather than dread it. The world becomes a much brighter place knowing that you and your family members will be safe and secure in a time and place that in many ways feels the opposite. It is not known how many companies will move to freedom checks, but Matt Badiali has at least made it seem very attractive.



Jose Hawilla Is A Successful And Reliable Entrepreneur

Are you looking for information about Jose Hawilla or other successful entrepreneurs? Do you want to find out what separates successful people from the rest of the crowd? If you are thinking about going into business for yourself, or if you want to start investing, it is imperative that you follow in the footsteps of those who have already achieved success in the area you’re interested in.


Jose Hawilla is a one of the most regarded entrepreneurs out there. Jose Hawilla is based in Brazil but he is well known all over the world. Jose Hawilla has been establishing and running various ventures and projects for many years and has a great reputation.



Numerous entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals want to know how to go about taking the right steps to towards their goal. They want to pursue entrepreneurship and achieve financial success. They want to learn from those who have already become financial successful and are enjoying a great lifestyle.


Jose Hawilla advises people to take the time to evaluate their interests and ability before deciding what type of business to get into. There are many ways to make money, or start a business, but you need to choose a field that suits your personality and interests.


Although you can have other qualified professionals handle a wide variety of tasks for you, it’s still a good idea to ensure that you are passionate about your venture. This is how Jose Hawilla and many other entrepreneurs feel about entrepreneurship and career choice.


Perhaps you want to know what it takes to be a successful person. In order to become successful in business, investing or other endeavor, you will need to possess certain skills or characteristics that will help you handle challenging situations.


Jose Hawilla is a knowledgeable and honest entrepreneur and he encourages others to have the confidence to deal with tough times. There will be obstacles and setbacks and you need to know how to react when projects fail. Jose Hawilla has the ability and confidence to overcome adversities and eventually attain the success he desires.,traffic-inaugura-ct-milionario-e-coloca-time-para-jogar,336504

Paul Mampilly Discusses the Reasons Why People Should Not Consider Bitcoin for Investment

In recent months, Bitcoin has gained global recognition after its prices grew by 1000%. One would always find someone telling another person that Bitcoin is the future and one would enjoy high returns by investing in Bitcoin. But, according to financial expert Paul Mampilly, Bitcoin is a bubble, and it would soon burst to leave people to lose all of the money they have invested in. He believes that Bitcoin has been growing because of the hype it has created, and once that hype dies out, people will start selling their stocks in Bitcoin, and it would crash. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly admitted that people who had invested in Bitcoin early on have already made profits, but for those who are new to it, it is less likely that they will be able to earn money from it. Since the price of Bitcoin is already at its high, it will decrease moving forward. Thus, he has warned people to stop investing in Bitcoin and instead invest in new technology such as 3D technology that has a bright future since it has started to be used by the construction industry as well.

Paul Mampilly is a well known financial expert with decades of experience in the industry. During his tenure with big financial companies, he was responsible for the multimillionaire accounts of his clients. Due to his investments in the 2000s, he has managed to earn high returns and has been able to retire early in life to follow his passion. He wants to educate people about the financial industry and how it can be used to save money for their future. But, one has to be careful and ensure that they are through with their research or they might find themselves in trouble.


Paul Mampilly started a financial newsletter with the name Profits Unlimited that offers its readers insight into the new investment opportunities. The newsletter has more than 60,000 subscribers, and the number has been growing with each passing day. The newsletter is released every month and provides the latest news in the financial market that would help investors make the right investment decision. Paul Mampilly has managed to set Profits Unlimited apart from other similar newsletters by being as detailed as possible. It is also useful for those who are new to the industry and are just learning to invest profitably. Paul Mampilly also provides trade alerts to the readers for interesting trades and also the time when it should be made. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

José Auriemo Neto Provides Reliable Real Estate Investment Advice

José Auriemo Neto is a top rated professional in the Brazilian real estate market. As a reliable professional and successful entrepreneur, many people turn to José Auriemo Neto for expert advice and assistance with buying and selling property. Ambitious individuals rely on José Auriemo Neto for high quality guidance on all aspects of the real estate investment field.Anyone who is serious about starting and operating a successful real estate investing business can learn a lot from José Auriemo Neto. He is a renowned professional and highly successful entrepreneur.

Having a real estate mentor or coach can benefit a beginner in many ways. If you are planning to start your own real estate investing business, consider learning from an expert like José Auriemo Neto. You will get a good understanding of what works and what you need to do to achieve success in this business.A mentor can help a real estate investment beginners to understand how things work in this industry and develop a real estate investing approach that best suits him or her.

The key to becoming successful is to understand what features to look for in a real estate investment property. Many new real estate investors don’t understand the basics. That’s why it important to work with a mentor.José Auriemo Neto works with clients and makes it a top priority to lead them to their goal. He has been helping beginning investors for many years and is well known for his honesty, integrity and transparent dealings with people.Whether you are a newbie or a veteran investor, José Auriemo Neto has the knowledge and experience to guide you to success. He can provide the right resources and strategies you need to reach your ultimate goal of financial success.

Ara Chackerian and TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist and the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. He is also a Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, an organization that invests in and helps develop early-stage healthcare companies.

Before founding TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian worked for over a decade creating a network of out-patient diagnostic radiology centers throughout Northern California. Chackerian and his business partner, Brad Hummel, wanted to expand their experience into another area of the medical industry.

An associate of Chackerian suggested that he investigate the growing field of out-patient psychiatry space as well as transcranial magnetic stimulation. Chackerian looked into transcranial magnetic stimulation as was surprised by the results the procedure showed. Patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder were finding relief with transcranial magnetic stimulation when all other treatments had failed. Check out pipelinerx to know more.

Chackerian and Hummel decided to invest in transcranial magnetic stimulation. The pair saw the potential for transcranial magnetic stimulation to become a new pillar in the world of psychiatric healthcare.

Chackerian and Hummel met with Dr. Richard Bermudas, a leader in the field of transcranial magnetic stimulation. Dr. Bermudas had faced difficulties increasing the presence of transcranial magnetic stimulation, He found that few insurance companies would cover the procedure. He also had difficulty hiring and retaining qualified TMS technicians.

Ara Chackerian has made transcranial magnetic stimulation more accessible to everyday people. He and Hummel have built seven TMS treatment centers in the San Francisco Bay area and in Sacramento. These centers feature consultation and treatment rooms and are designed to make patients feel welcomed and comfortable. You can visit limonapateak

Ara Chackerian is excited about the future and potential for digital healthcare. He follows the developments of digital assisted healthcare apps and telemedicine. He is especially interested in algorithms that can detect different phases of depression by tracking speech and communication patterns. Check out their website

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Barbara Stokes Supports Her Country

Green Structure Homes Delivered designs, builds and delivers mobile and modular structures. They offer on-site construction as well. GSH of Alabama is experienced and provides turn-key solutions. They offer leadership and engineering and have over 30 years of experience with inspection, foundation, planning, development, and installation. GSH is up to the challenge.

Barbara Stokes is an active volunteer in the community of Huntsville. She is also the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered. She graduated from Mercer University where she studies physics and biomedical engineering. She also studied thermodynamics, technical communication, structures and properties of materials, and manufacturing and management. Stokes joined the GSH team after leaving the Pisces Corporation and Boeing. Stokes has many years in the field of government contracting and is a big supporter of FEMA. She is a very involved citizen and busy mom of three children. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The company has completed many private sector tasks including jobs for the U.S. Army Corps, the Navy, the U.S. Air Force, and FEMA. In-house services that they provide include infrastructure, land planning, project management services, and architecture design using 3D and AutoCAD. The production management supervisors at GSH have been on staff since 1999, and their site supervisors have over 30 years of on-the-job experience.

Green Structure Homes brings many things to the table including up-to-date technology, energy-efficient homes, and decades of experience. They build modular wood frame and steel homes that will fit in any project budget. The home that they build also offer lower maintenance and energy costs as well as insurance premiums. With their technology capabilities, GSH is able to provide quick modular transport erection, structural integrity, and resistance to mold, and pests. The homes that they build are customizable to accommodate one, two or even multiple units. The homes that they build are environmentally friendly and can be built with wood, light gauge steel, roof trusses, and more.

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GSH homes are built off-site and can be erected in just days once they reach their destination. They undergo quality assurance procedure and checks to ensure that they are always of the highest quality once completed.

GSH offers logistics solutions and proprietary designs to suit many different projects. They offer fleet maintenance and have dry boxes, refrigerator boxes, and fleet insurance. They also offer certified technicians, pre-maintenance, and post-maintenance electronic testing, records review, and maintenance analysis.

GHS provides services to many different markets and customers, and they offer full warehousing services such as warehouse analysis, ways to decrease energy utility costs, inventory control, accountability of products, and an advanced ordering system.

They also offer administration logistics such as facilities management, monthly reports on every fleet vehicle, procurement of fleet parts, dispatch services, and maintenance records and management. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Todd Lubar Journey to The Successful Businessman He Is Today.

Todd Lubar is a successful financial and real estate investor. He is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He oversees a team of great professionals in the marketing arena and faithful clients. The success of his team is an indication of his own success as a businessman which is traceable to his uncommon but incredible life story.


Todd Lubar began his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995 and worked there until 1999. Immediately after, Todd acquired another job at Arlington, Texas in Legacy Financial Group. Through his splendid service, Todd aided in the growth of the firm’s Maryland office to a point of generating multi-millions in loan volume, annually. In 2005, Todd left Legacy Financial Group for Charter Funding a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corp, where he served in the role of a senior vice president until 2007. Charter Funding, one of the Largest US mortgage companies under private ownership.


He has always enjoyed working with mortgage banking although he still has ownership of companies in other areas such as the demolition industry, recycling business, nightclub industry, and real estate. You can visit his page


Todd has been in the credit and finance business for over 20 years. He has always loved helping people achieve their dreams and ambitions and this has been one of the driving forces in his career, TDL not being an exception. In his financial career, Todd has learned that most people are unable to achieve their goals due to the many obstacles making it impossible for them to access loans. Check out to see more.



Though finding success in his business venture has not been an easy task, Todd believes that taking action and keeping the spirit is what has seemed him get the profitable results he has today. According to Patch, Todd has combined his expertise in real estate and experience in finance to achieve his role in TDL, where he deals with Banking and mortgage.


Prior to that, Todd has attended High school in The Pebble School in New Jersey as well as Washington’s Sidwell Friends School.

Whitney Wolfe Herd One of the Leading Female Tech Entrepreneurs

There are many dating apps that are making round these days, and one of the leading dating apps that has become highly popular in the last couple of years is Bumble. It is a dating app that has particularly become famous for its unique approach towards dating, which is a woman-centric approach. Bumble only provides females the ability to contact the men first, and men can simply wait for the mutual match to occur and for women members to like their profile and message them. In many other dating applications, the men simply go on messaging women with lucid remarks and vulgar picture requests without consent. However, it is not something that women have to face at Bumble because only women control whom they want to contact and take things further. The women can check the profile of the men and only after being completely satisfied with what they see, they can contact them and take things forward as per their will.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble are Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is also the co-founder of Tinder. Whitney Wolfe Herd has been in the dating application development and marketing business for a long time and knows precisely the market statistics and users’ requirements. The experience she has gained as being the part of Tinder development has helped her tremendously in developing as well as refining Bumble as a dating app that is more suitable for women. Whitney Wolfe Herd has used dating app in the past and knows what women have to go through when enrolled in dating app that has no filtration or moderation process in place.

The women are sent lucid comments or vulgar images at random times, and going through such an experience is what no women would ever want.Whitney Wolfe Herd has been visioning Bumble for a while, and after parting ways with Tinder, it is what she worked on with her heart and soul. Currently, Bumble has nearly 30 million members and counting and has a turnover of $100 million, which is expected to double this year. As per the Forbes, Bumble is worth over $1 Billion and with an increase in turnover in the next couple of years; the Bumble’s net worth is expected to grow to an unprecedented level as well. Whitney Wolfe Herd has been featured in many popular magazines, including Fast Company, Wired UK, Elle’s, and Forbes.

Rick Smith’s Excitement about JPay

The best business stories are those with inspirational leaders. Rick Smith, Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, is one such leader. A few years ago, his company acquired JPay Inc. through a Stock Purchase Agreement. This proved to be one of the smartest moves of Smith’s career.

Securus Technologies has been providing the corrections industry with valuable tech products and services for decades. JPay is the company that introduced modern technology conveniences, like electronic payments, to the industry. Both companies operate in more the 30 state prison systems, so it only made sense that they combine their efforts and create the best products. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

For years, Securus admired JPay as an innovative company doing things no one else could. When JPay began reaching its limits, due to lack of proper resources, Securus saw an opportunity to bring some new, creative energy to their brand. There was no better time to combine and work as one team.

Even JPay CEO Ryan Shapiro appreciated the acquisition. It’s the quickest way for his company to expand its footprint. JPay’s used to working directly with its constituents, so they have more passion and drive to push the envelope. With a large company like Securus behind him, Shapiro’s company can produce groundbreaking products in a fraction of the time.

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Since its launch, JPay’s been on a mission. Despite the acquisition, JPay’s team is still committed to developing products that make prisons safer and more efficient. It’s also important to have some kind of system that enables inmates to return to society as a valuable citizen.

It’s that kind of personal attention to community betterment that drew Rick Smith Securus to JPay in the first place. Because Securus respects JPay’s mission so much, the two companies will remain separate entities long-term. It’s the best way to allow JPay the freedom it needs to create innovative products.

As far as Rick Smith’s concerned, the Securus – JPay team can do no wrong. He’s very excited to finally have JPay be a part of his company. He has complete faith in both teams that they’ll make everyone’s lives better.

Working in the public safety industry hasn’t been the easiest thing to do. So when Smith and other team members began getting thank-you letters from communities, they knew they’d become truly successful. Visit for more info.