Filmmaker and Author, Michael Zomber, Shares His Passion for Antique Arms

With a documentary series on The History Channel, Michael Zomber shares one of his greatest passions, antique arms. Zomber has been a collector of antique weapons and armor for the past 40 years.

He also has a passion for the Samurai sword, which he shares in many historical novels and screenplays. Zomber is an internationally known history expert. His documentary on “Soul of the Samurai” , or “Bushido”, helped to cement his reputation as a respected historian.

The warrior way, “Bushido”, is a principle Zomber applies to many different areas of his life. His belief is that “Bushido” is essential for how one should conduct him or herself in everyday life.

For Michael Zomber, interests, hobbies, and work often go hand-in-hand. Whether producing an independent film, writing another book, or serving as an expert and historian for The History Channel, his keen intellect and interests are reminiscent of “Bushido”. Three of these characteristics are morality, honor, and discipline, which help to ground and center Zomber.

With graduate and undergraduate degrees in literature from UCLA, it is safe to say that Zomber is an expert story teller. In his books, his story telling is obvious, however, it can also be clearly noticed in his films. Zomber and his wife, Andrea, produce and distribute independent films through their company, Renascent Films.

As a philanthropist, Zomber’s core beliefs also shine through. The Zombers are important supporters of organizations all over the world. They improve lives by supplying resources for better health and education and by controlling conflict.

“We support various philanthropic organizations based on our values of love, compassion, and peaceful resolution of conflict.” the Zombers stated. These ideals have been instilled in their children, Gabriella and Christopher, as well.

Zomber’s passion, intellect, and expertise are what make him a popular guest for radio and television. It’s hard to tell what his next project will be, since he has excelled in a wide range of projects to date.