The Love of the Message


When Marc Sparks spoke on a recent blog Click here. of his about how people may think there are two reasons why someone would want to write a book,those being money and ego, I can’t help but agree with him that money is not a good motivation. For one, there is no guarantee that all of the hours a person labors over the drafts will be reimbursed, even if I wish that were the case.

I also agree with Marc Sparks that the ego component is definitely more of a pull for a writer, but I, too, think that there is really a third option for why someone would want to write a book and put themselves through the aggravation of struggling for just the right words even while letting their dinner get cold and keeping their midnight oil burning. What could this third reason be? Marc Sparks calls it giving back. I call it love.

It is the writer’s love for his or her message and the writer’s love for humanity at large which may drive the crazy desire to reach inside one’s soul and pull out the inner most workings of one’s mind and heart. This love is expressed through the desire to share what one knows with those who need to know it, too.

In Marc’s case, this sharing is to the entrepreneurs out there who need to know that perseverance is key and that getting back up and licking one’s wounds to keep fighting another day for the dream of building a business can eventually pay off like it did for him. Love makes the world go round, and love makes one want to share the message in one’s soul. This giving back kind of love can then light the fire in the heart of the reader, and that person can then have their soul’s flame stoked and eventually give back.

This is the kind of motivation that makes someone take on the seemingly insane task of writing a book. Marc is right. The best reason I can think of to get one’s message down on paper (or in computer pixels) is to give back the kind of insight that others have given to you. It’s not about the money. It’s not about the ego for the called. It’s sharing the love of what you know.