People thrive in shared office space

Coworking is a shared environment by people who are working on their own projects and are not necessarily working for the same company. Coworking can be in an office or a cafe, gallery, or even in someone’s private living room. Coworking spaces are membership-based in which people who are free-lancers can gather and work together on their own projects. It differs from traditional offices because it involves independent work, not people sharing in a work project or part of a work project for the sake of this one company. Harvard Business Review claims that people who are involved in coworking have a productivity level six to seven points higher than people who are in traditional work settings.

Unlike traditional workers, coworking people choose the work that interests them and gives meaning to their lives. They don’t have to deal with competition or office politics. Having their own personal work to do makes a person stand out more and enhances their work identity. Working together but independently, they have their own special skills and can help out another person if it’s needed. Instead of working a 9-5, five to six day work week, these coworking environments are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. A person in a coworking job can choose to stay at home sometimes to tend to a sick family member or if a repair person is scheduled to come to the worker’s house. There’s no problem, unlike the traditional workplace that depends on people being at the workplace when scheduled. People who are part of a coworking environment don’t have to feel like children who are being supervised and watched over by the parental supervisor. The co-working member can have a sense of duty to get the work done in an efficient and timely manner.

One such place in New York City is called Workville shared office space NYC. It’s a brand new company that presently employs one to 10 people. Workville NYC has move-in ready offices and shared offices. It has a cafe and a lounge for the coworkers. Almost six months ago a real estate investor and lawyer named Charles Aini decided to get involved in the coworking industry by creating Workville NYC. Aini, his brother Ezra, and an investment broker named Dori Jack Dashti pooled their assets and started this one floor dream workplace. Charles Aini expects to soon have 180 coworking people at Workville NYC.