Rick Smith’s Excitement about JPay

The best business stories are those with inspirational leaders. Rick Smith, Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, is one such leader. A few years ago, his company acquired JPay Inc. through a Stock Purchase Agreement. This proved to be one of the smartest moves of Smith’s career.

Securus Technologies has been providing the corrections industry with valuable tech products and services for decades. JPay is the company that introduced modern technology conveniences, like electronic payments, to the industry. Both companies operate in more the 30 state prison systems, so it only made sense that they combine their efforts and create the best products. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

For years, Securus admired JPay as an innovative company doing things no one else could. When JPay began reaching its limits, due to lack of proper resources, Securus saw an opportunity to bring some new, creative energy to their brand. There was no better time to combine and work as one team.

Even JPay CEO Ryan Shapiro appreciated the acquisition. It’s the quickest way for his company to expand its footprint. JPay’s used to working directly with its constituents, so they have more passion and drive to push the envelope. With a large company like Securus behind him, Shapiro’s company can produce groundbreaking products in a fraction of the time.

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Since its launch, JPay’s been on a mission. Despite the acquisition, JPay’s team is still committed to developing products that make prisons safer and more efficient. It’s also important to have some kind of system that enables inmates to return to society as a valuable citizen.

It’s that kind of personal attention to community betterment that drew Rick Smith Securus to JPay in the first place. Because Securus respects JPay’s mission so much, the two companies will remain separate entities long-term. It’s the best way to allow JPay the freedom it needs to create innovative products.

As far as Rick Smith’s concerned, the Securus – JPay team can do no wrong. He’s very excited to finally have JPay be a part of his company. He has complete faith in both teams that they’ll make everyone’s lives better.

Working in the public safety industry hasn’t been the easiest thing to do. So when Smith and other team members began getting thank-you letters from communities, they knew they’d become truly successful. Visit securustechnologies.com for more info.

Securus Technologies Saves Millions For Correctional Facilities

ConnectUs Automated Forms is a way of filing forms that doesn’t require printing, physical cataloguing, or the hours of work which accompany the expensive resources involved in those old means of organization. Instead, with ConnectUs, inmates can simply fill out forms digitally, and monitor their progress remotely as per their access privileges given by the administration of whichever facility they’re part of.

ConnectUs Automated Forms is exceptionally customizable. It has a myriad of applications which can be uniquely designed to fit the needs of a given operation. The forms it covers range from those in medical areas of operation to sign-up forms and those which are involved in grievances, complaints, or other related documentation.

Securus Technologies is the organization which has put together this innovative new platform. It makes sense that it would come from them, as Securus is an industry-leader in the field, and has been for years. Starting in 1986, Securus has expanded to provide services to some 2,500+ correctional facilities across the United States. Between those facilities, some 1.2 million inmates regularly use Securus technological solutions.

Approximately 13.8 complaints and grievances forms are filed per inmate per month. If only 5 min are spent on each of those forms, that’s an hour per form per year. Corrective facilities are overcrowded today, and usually have 100+ inmates. In some cases, it is not uncommon to find a facility with a thousand or more inmates. A thousand inmates each filing 13.8 forms a month at 5 minutes a form will ultimately produce 13,800 hours of paperwork. At a $20 value per man hour devoted this direction that comes to $276,000. ConnectUs Automated Forms could almost completely eliminate that opportunity cost. Across the 2,500+ facilities they work with, those savings will definitely be in the millions by the time ConnectUs has been fully deployed.

Portia Kersten CFO of Skout Shares her Uncommon Secrets

For every 40 male CEO’s that is interviewed, approximately 1 female CEO is interviewed. This is the case regardless of the choice of media, or the media outlet, men are just at the top more frequently than women. Still, this doesn’t stop us for reading about female executives who reach the top of the career charts, perhaps because we see it so rarely. Of those that do make it and are interviewed, we read the compact and contrite answers that sound as though they came out of a scripted success book, “hard work, determination, a belief in self, a great family” on and on so that half way through the article you have no interest in reading the remainder. Not so with Skout’s CFO Portia Kersten. For those who don’t know, Skout is the leading mobile app for meeting new people in the world. Beginning in just 2007, the startup has skyrocketed the success scale and continues to grow. Not only is Portia uncommon being in the Chief Financial Officer’s position, but she specializes in running startups. What’s even more differentiating about Portia is her honesty and her genuine candor.

No place is this more apparent than in an interview she gave to Huffington Post. While she may not be the first women to go from a poor upbringing to the pinnacle of success, she credits her imagination with getting her there. Now perhaps her folks helped her along by not having a television in the house, but irrespectively, she like most successful people grew to love books. She states that growing up reading authors like Charles Dickens helped her to see that it was possible to beat the odds. Apparently her love of literature was fostered at home as her parent’s named her Portia after the character in Shakesphere’s Merchant of Venice.

When confronted with the same question that is posed to all powerful women about a home and work balance, Portia is outright honest and says she doesn’t maintain a delicate balance. On the contrary, her answer is that she’s so busy she only has time for high priority tasks, be it at Skout or at home. She’s even candid about her husband’s description of her mantra, as he relates with rolled eyes, “efficiency in all things.” Not too many women would be comfortable giving such a personal insight to a nationally well-read magazine. She credits the founder of Parenting Magazine, Robin Wolaner, with being her mentor and teaching her how to persevere and push through difficult challenges in her life. When asked what advice she would give other aspiring female CFO’s she’s well-grounded in her answer of “having patience” and exercising logic, politeness and its repetition as the foundations for success. Read more about Portia in her interview with the Huffington Post here.

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Coriant Business Solution Products

The business related company, Coriant, is about developing networking solutions for s fast-paced and cloud enabled business world. The company’s goal is to reduce their operational complexity. It also wants to aid clients in generating new revenue streams.

Part of Coriant’s mission statement is to enable network operators to max out their transport networks.

Here are the solutions Coriant products can help network companies improve their performance.

* They will help a company manage unpredictable traffic volume in a cost effective
* They will help companies deliver profitable service.
* They will help reduce a company’s operating costs.
* Cost effective network scaleability will be made easier.

Shaygan Kheradpir is CEO and chairman of the Board of Coriant. He is recognized as a technology and business leader. He has over 28 years of experience in the business area of technology, telecom, and financial service industries.

Kheradpir began began his career at GTE Corporation, and later became Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. He next worked at Barclays as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer.

Kheradpir has a PHD, master’s, and bachelor’s degree in Engineering earned st Cornell University. He has a series of patents in the media, payments, and telecom industry.

An example of a quality Coriant product is the Coriant Groove G30 DCI platform. It is an innovative stackable transport product for data center and cloud network. The DCI platform is designed specifically for Wide Area Network cloud connectivity. It is also able to support high capacity transmission from 100G to 400GF in regional, metro, and long haul DCI applications.

New Carrier FreedomPop is Going International

FreedomPop is one mobile provider that will be getting an advantage out of the Black Friday spirit by practically giving their services and devices away. The company, a Los Angeles operation, gives wireless internet and mobile phone service is based in Los Angeles, and provides service over Sprint and Clearwire networks. Clearwire and Sprint’s network.

Until Nov. 27 the carrier allowed customers to get a Motorola E smartphone for the low pricetag of $40. This is a big deal considering the usual bill for this device would be $190 more. Other options included a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone for $100, shaving nearly $350 off of the usual price. These refurbished devices are not the latest out on the market, but this sale model has become the norm for providers that are looking to increase interest in second hand markets.

Apple’s upgrade program is one example for providers getting a lot out a second hand marketing angle. This also benefits individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford these products. These refurbished products are also LTE capable, running on Sprint’s network. FreedomPop exhibits a determination to provide the best possible free mobile experience for a market that wants an increasing amount of choice in regards to what devices are made available to them.

In addition to sleek devices at lower prices, these deals also give customers unlimited voice calling for a whole month! Additional services such as text messaging an additional gigabyte of data are also reasons why customers will enjoy this holiday offer from FreedomPop. Not only are the company interested in providing customers extra incentives for using their service, up to 500 calling minutes are available after customers transition over to the network for a longer contract period. This new company, launched in late 2012, will soon hit 1 million customers.

The company has recently acquired funding from Intel Capital that it plans to use for international expansion. In addition to setting up markets in the UK, the company will also build upon its smartphone portfolio. Next year’s plans include a Wi-Fi first model built according to Intel’s Sofia platform. This will no doubt be of benefit to the company that has benefitted from a $10 million investment from telecom giant Axiata Group, an operation with a 230 million customer base across Asia.

FreedomPop has made the interesting transition from a wholesale to commercial company is an interesting one. The company is currently in conversations with multiple major global carriers that are active in several markets. It seems that new company are preparing for fast growth as their capital gains seem to just roll out. The company CEO, Stokols, who previously served as CEO of Woo Media, seems to be optimistic about projected growth over the next year or two. As of June they were able to get $30 million in series B funding from several companies. While the company continues to project growth into the future, FreedomPop doesn’t rule out an eventual sale down the line.