Details About The Shoe Carnival And Slyce Partnership

It should be no surprise that Shoe Carnival has joined with Slyce in a partnership to improve the shopping experience for their customers. Shoe Carnival is one of the largest retailers in the country. They have close to 400 stores in over 30 states. Slyce is a very innovative company that has changed the way that people shop. They employ visual search technology to make shopping a simple process for the consumer. A recent article appeared in about the new Slyce and Shoe Carnival partnership. Now, Slyce and the shoe retailer are using 3D mobile search technology to allow customers at the Shoe Carnival store to take a picture of an item in the store or a magazine. A visual search is performed on their mobile device. They are presented with a selection of matching items on their mobile device. The mobile user is able to purchase any of the items with a few taps on the mobile device.

Exciting Concept
The Vice President of eCommerce at Shoe Carnival is Ken Zimmerman. He is super excited about this new and innovative way for Shoe Carnival customers to shop at their retail stores across the country. He also states that this new shopping concept should improve the shopping for their customers. In addition, Mark Elfenbein, Slyce CEO, remarked that the Slyce partnership with Shoe Carnival is a great new milestone for the company.

About Slyce
Slyce is a leader in image recognition technology. The fact is that visual search is revolutionizing the way that retailers and customers interact with each other. Visual search makes shopping a much easier process for the shopper, while the retailer notices a surge in purchases because of the new search technology. Retailers that do not engage the new technology are losing out to the competition that is engaging the new technology with their customers. The fact is that Slyce’s 3D scanning is the future. Certainly, the future is now, with 3D technology.

Major retailers across the country are taking a look at this new visual search technology. Of course, they would rather partner with a leading company like Slyce. Slyce visual search technology makes it possible for a customer to use their mobile device to take a picture of a desired item in the store. The visual search software is initiated and returns instantaneous matches through product recognition. The customer is able to instantly buy the product with a few taps. Slyce technology is helping thousands of retailers sell more products and increase their profits.