The Crowd Funding Platform From William Skelley’s iFunding Is The Way To Go For The American Economy

William Skelley is a prominent real estate finance expert, business person and the owner and founder of iFunding. William Skelley’s prominence in the business markets emerges from the crowd funding platform that he introduced into the real estate market in 2012 through his iFunding firm. There had been no other product in the entire business market before as powerful as crowd funding. This product is a small and middle market investment product. When William Skelley was coming up with this investment product, he was targeting the real estate market. The crowdfunding platform that was invented by William Skelley allows accredited investors from the small and medium scale markets to make investments in various sectors of the real estate market.

Crowd funding has so far been recognized as the best model to stir economic growth in the United States. The crowdfunding platforms that William Skelley‘s iFunding uses to conduct its business operates by creating a common pool of funds. These funds are drawn from lower and middle income accredited investors in the market. Every investor in this project can make a contribution of not less than $5000 to the capital pool. iFunding puts this funds together and uses it invest on a big real estate project. The crowdfunding platform through its fundraising and investment model allows individuals with the little economic power to invest and improve their economic ability. iFunding has been very successful in driving economic empowerment to the lower and middle-class individuals. This investment model has been praised by a number of economists and industrialists as the model that can superbly drive economic growth the market.

The roles of iFunding in this sector is to help investors identify a potential investment opportunity in the market. It also facilitates the collection of investor funds and its organization. iFunding also moves forward to assess the investment opportunity and if viable invests in it. This firm mostly makes its investments in the real estate market. iFunding manages the development of the real estate projects for its clients and also extends its managements it after the project is complete.

William Skelley is very passionate about the growth and development of the American real estate market. He has been working in this market for sometime now and has based his career on offering the real estate market financial advice. Real Heartland makes it eminently clear William Skelley is currently regarded as the future of the national and worldwide real estate market. He is expected to contribute greatly to the development of this sector.

Training With The Real Estate Mavericks

No doubt about it, the business environment has changed significantly in the years since the real estate bubble burst and the US economy had a major meltdown following a slow motion stock market crash. The unprecedented downturn in the economy obviously had a major impact on the real estate industry and the way in which realtors do business. The good news is that we are now seeing an upturn in the market, with sales picking up in regions all across the US.

A New Approach To Training

Realtors with a solid background in economics, finance and law as well as a keen sense of marketing have always done well. Another aspect of success in real estate is an emotional intelligence that allows a realtor to connect well with clients during the ups and downs of finding a home. Even with the changes brought into the marketplace by the Internet and the ups and downs of the economy, these factors are still critical to the success of a real estate career. Today, however, large firms are finding that more training via real estate coaching is also making a difference.

Real estate coaches today offer training seminars that take new realtors though every aspect of the profession, with the goal of helping to polish up their skills. One approach to training is to put class members into small groups that meet once a week to discuss their sales approaches and their progress. Usually the members are also partnered with another group member so they have a person they can be accountable to as they go through a checklist of sales tasks. What’s been found is that this kind of accountability and partnership makes a huge difference in a realtor’s success. Having partners who can root for and encourage each other is very empowering and is shown to improve the odds for success in this very competitive business.

The Real Estate Mavericks

One of the leading companies now offering coaching seminars is The Real Estate Mavericks. This company is the brainchild of top luxury realtor Greg Hague, who is an industry veteran with 25 years of success to his credit. Hague’s seminars are becoming much talked about for their unique approach to marketing and sales. It’s Hague’s philosophy that the old tried and true ways of doing business are no longer completely valid, and new approaches must be offered to cut through the competition.

Hague’s seminars take team members through several new strategies that are shown to really give new realtors the edge. His approaches are bold and truly unique, but the proof is in the results, which are highly successful.

Is your firm ready to take on a new approach to sales? If so, contact the Real Estate Mavericks at, today!