How One Company Helped Their Online Reputation By Looking Within

Status Labs is an Austin, Texas-based online reputation management firm. Founded by Darius Fisher in 2012, they arrived during a time of substantial growth in online social media, and a time when many users were still unaware of the potential dangers associated with putting their entire lives online.

As the consequences of such activities began to become clearer and clearer, companies like Status Labs stepped in and helped businesses combat the negative reputation that some of them were acquiring because they found themselves unable to properly maintain their image across the entirety of the internet. They’ve helped more than a 1,000 businesses turn their reputations around.

Recently, however, Status Labs found themselves facing the very problem that their clients came to them with.

Status Labs co-founder Darius Fisher recently spoke about an ironic problem that his company faced as Status Labs came under fire by some online users over the nature of their services and the negative actions of a recent executive that threatened to undo the company’s works.

In response to this, Status Labs decided to open themselves up to the world by letting everyone know that their employees were also upset by the actions in question. To help emphasize their stance on the matter, Status Labs uploaded a staff photo along with their public statements in order to put a face on the company that typically based their reputation on their services.

Following that, Status Labs decided to look inwards by focusing on improving the quality of their employees’ lifestyles via implementing stock options, catered lunches and expanded employee outings. Not only that, but the company took greater steps to ensuring that their future hires fit into perfectly to the new environment they were fostering.

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Darius Fisher has Some Advice for Retaining Employees

The business world is complicated enough without worrying about employee turnover, and according to a Forbes post by Darius Fisher, turnover can be very expensive. Fisher is president of Status Labs, a reputation management firm based out of Austin, Texas. It is expensive to replace employees and the cost only increases with upper management. Fisher says keeping employees happy is the best way to prevent turnover even if it can’t be completely eliminate it. One of the easiest ways to show employees they are appreciated is to offer incentives for reaching goals and exceeding expectations. Something as simple as an extra vacation day can go a long way toward employee satisfaction. Fisher explains that knowing your employees and what is important to them can help management understand what motivates employees.
Fisher is co-founder of Status Labs and manages a dedicated and talented team of employees who are experts in marketing. The job of Status Labs is to make their clients shine improving their reputations. Fisher has been in management for years and worked with other marketing firms as well as on political campaigns. Marketing requires knowledge of people and their expectations, which can help in a managerial role.
Fisher’s company has grown exponentially over the years, and the Status Labs workforce has risen 12 percent. Fisher knows how to keep employees happy. He suggests in his Forbes post that gratitude can go even further than incentives. Recognizing achievements and saying thank you is something that is free and easy for any manager to do to increase positive morale.
Negative morale can kill a business and its prospects. Happy employees work harder and are less likely to quit. Nothing motivates people quite like money, so it is important to give sufficient raises to ensure valued employees will not leave for a company that will pay them what they deserve. Darius Fisher says keeping employees in the know is also important. How can an employee feel valued if they are the last to know what’s going on with the company and their job duties? Fisher stated in his post that instituting a newsletter or having regular meeting can combat confusion and rumors that are sure to run rampant when people are not kept up to date.

One Bad Day Requires Reputation Management

Melissa Click had a very bad day during a student protest on a college campus. Click held the position of an assistant professor at the University of Missouri until she was recently terminated. Her firing was the result of the proverbial “one bad day”. Click’s bad day resulted from trying to eject a reporter from the protest, calling for “muscle” to deal with the reporter, and having words with a police officer. A USA Today article, written before Click’s firing, notes she did not have an incident at the university in 12 years. Unfortunately, one bad day is more than enough to upend a life. Click ended up being charged with a misdemeanor over the incident with the journalist.

Click’s actions were caught on camera, and the video was released to the news media. The video appeared on television, the internet, and other sources. The incident was not exactly something the university wanted. Publicity and competition for students leads universities to wanting to avoid incidents.

Click had one bad day for sure. That bad day did a lot of harm her reputation. She has called on the team at Status Labs for help, and the firm should commence effective work on helping her with the unfolding public relations crisis.

Status Labs is a company headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in New York and San Paulo. The firm was co-founded by current president Darius Fisher, a man honored by PR Week for his impressive accomplishments. Status Labs offers public relations and digital marketing work to clients, and one sphere – a major sphere – of this work is reputation management. A person or business’ reputation means a lot.

Sadly, one bad day can cause a lot of harm to it. So can bad reviews, legal issues, the releasing of private documents to the public, and more. When an incident deemed disastrous to a reputation arises, Status Labs is there to try and fix things. Through a multi-faceted approach to digital crisis management, Status Labs has the ability to change impressions for the better. 1,500 clients served since 2012 could attest to this fact.