How To Make Shopping Online Smarter

Slyce and Toys R Us have joined forces in order to create a better experience for all users. One of fortune 500’s top toy and baby retailer have renewed their contract with Slyce, a 3d visual recognition software system provider. The software is adding a new dimension to online shopping that was never before thought to be possible.

Many retailers have found that a large majority of shoppers will immediately leave a site when faced with products that are not available. Slyce aims to help retailers with this kind of problem by providing assistance with their new kind of software. The software that will be used is able to understand visual images and other bits of information in order to present users with more relevant information.

At the same time, Slyce introduced its new contract, it also introduced this new feature of its company that it calls Slyce Link. The new feature will allow clients of Slyce to provide customers with:
Out of stock Alternatives
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similar to an item

these features will allow customers to view items that are visually similar and not just statistically close. The hopes that presenting more logical alternatives a person will be more reason to pursue an item all the way to its purchase. This new kind of marketing will also help with the frustration of looking for an item only to find many other items that are nothing alike.

Right now the software is in beta testing. Slyce has been working on the software for the last year and is testing it with one of their retailer clients.

Many companies are starting to see the value in image recognition software. It is without a doubt that many more people will begin seeing this sort of technology integrate into our daily lives as software becomes more intelligent.