Securus Technologies Saves Millions For Correctional Facilities

ConnectUs Automated Forms is a way of filing forms that doesn’t require printing, physical cataloguing, or the hours of work which accompany the expensive resources involved in those old means of organization. Instead, with ConnectUs, inmates can simply fill out forms digitally, and monitor their progress remotely as per their access privileges given by the administration of whichever facility they’re part of.

ConnectUs Automated Forms is exceptionally customizable. It has a myriad of applications which can be uniquely designed to fit the needs of a given operation. The forms it covers range from those in medical areas of operation to sign-up forms and those which are involved in grievances, complaints, or other related documentation.

Securus Technologies is the organization which has put together this innovative new platform. It makes sense that it would come from them, as Securus is an industry-leader in the field, and has been for years. Starting in 1986, Securus has expanded to provide services to some 2,500+ correctional facilities across the United States. Between those facilities, some 1.2 million inmates regularly use Securus technological solutions.

Approximately 13.8 complaints and grievances forms are filed per inmate per month. If only 5 min are spent on each of those forms, that’s an hour per form per year. Corrective facilities are overcrowded today, and usually have 100+ inmates. In some cases, it is not uncommon to find a facility with a thousand or more inmates. A thousand inmates each filing 13.8 forms a month at 5 minutes a form will ultimately produce 13,800 hours of paperwork. At a $20 value per man hour devoted this direction that comes to $276,000. ConnectUs Automated Forms could almost completely eliminate that opportunity cost. Across the 2,500+ facilities they work with, those savings will definitely be in the millions by the time ConnectUs has been fully deployed.

Freedom Pop Is A Phone Company On The Rise

Most people all around the world has some form of mobile device. It seems that many can not function without them. Mobile devices are to used to connect with loved ones and to connect with business partners. No matter the reason for needing a mobile device it is important to get a dependable service at a great price.

Many people who are wanting to get a budget friendly mobile device should look into FreedomPop. This mobile device company is the ultimate in affordable mobile plans. FreedomPop runs their services through their partner Sprint. By using Sprint’s data network, FreedomPop is able to keep their prices lower than most other places.

One thing that FreedomPop offers that keeps them gaining customers is their free service. This service contains two hundred voice minutes, five hundred text messages and five hundred mb data. This is a great way for consumers to have a trial run of the program and see if they would like to upgrade their service with FreedomPop.

FreedomPop has very affordable plans. In fact they have an unlimited plan that is only $19.99. This plan is beneficial to any budget. Many parents get this plan for their children. They can get a plan that is quite affordable and their child will still have a way to communicate.

To get a phone from FreedomPop people should expect to pay at least $50. This is a small amount for the pricing of other phones. Of course they also have more expense phones for people who are wanting to get an even better quality phone. FreedomPop even have tablets for sell. If someone is wanting to get an inexpensive tablet they are available. If someone is able to get a phone that works with the Sprint network, then they can use that phone with FreedomPop.

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