Brad Reifler: The Route to Middle Income Investing

Brad Reifler has investing in his blood. His grandfather was the founder of investment giant Refco, a name created from the initials of his own name, Ray E Friedman and Co. For many years the largest broker listed on the Chicago Mercantile exchange, Refco invested for more than 200,000 customers. No wonder Brad Reifler became a serial entrepreneur.

Unlike his famed grandfather, Reifler spent many years in the foxholes of investment before realizing his what he considers to be his true investment calling. Soon after college, Brad Reifler founded his own investment firm in 1982 named for himself. This company specialized in global derivatives and was so successful as to catch the attention of Refco, which bought the company.

After selling Reifler, Mr. Reifler founded Pali Capital and served there for 13 years as its CEO, achieving $200 million in profits and expanding into the UK and Australia.

In his years in big investment, Mr. Reifler discovered important truths that few were willing to discuss or consider. He learned that investment opportunities were numerous and varied for the affluent 1%, but limited and precarious for the middle income 99%. With combined interests in providing opportunities for this underserved investment audience and to expand the investment business into the middle class, Mr. Reifler researched how to provide investments to this group of potential investors.

He learned quickly that his target class of investors was unschooled in investment opportunities and extremely leery of loss. For this expanded target of investment possibilities, Mr. Reifler developed this advice:

  • Safety First – Never invest everything in the stock market. The unique position of the middle investor insists that the first priority must be protecting existing funds.
  • Trust – Develop a trusting relationship with your fund manager. This means taking the time to insist the he or she get to understand your goals. In the process, you will realize what your goals actually are such as saving for a home, college, boat or beach house.
  • Stability – When you discover you have a successful investment, stick with it. Add more money to investments that are profitable rather than casting around for bigger and bigger margins of profit.
  • Establish Objectives – What do you need money for and how much do you require? Sure, everyone wants to build a nice nest egg, but defined goals are the best way to ensure success.

Mr. Reifler is now CEO of Forefront investment with particular interest in seeking profitable investments for middle income people.