Lime Crime Achieves Insta Fame

PR Newswire just reported that Lime Crime, a unique cosmetics company, has reached the mark of more than 2 million followers on Instagram. In the eight years since the makeup company was founded, it has now surpassed all expectations and has become an online sensation. The makeup company was one of the original powerhouses in the online marketing model for makeup. The founder, Doe Deere, was instrumental in making sure that the company maintained a dominant presence online and built its customer base using social media as much as possible. Deere understands the force of social media in marketing and values the opportunity to connect with followers and customers on a deeper level through platforms like Instagram.

Deere has been actively sharing her favorite Lime Crime products on her personal social media accounts since the brand was established. She continues to use social media effectively in drawing attention to the brand and understanding what customers expect and want to see from it. Deere remains intimately involved in the inner-workings of Lime Crime. Even though the company has reached the ranks of industry success, Deere is passionate about staying connected to her followers and being the creative vision behind the direction of the makeup brand. She is also inspired by fans of the company who regularly submit personal photos with their own take on the Lime Crime makeup products.

Although Lime Crime is based out of Los Angeles, California, the company is now recognized all over the world for its trendy products. Thanks to social media, Deere’s fans and followers from all over the world can interact with the brand and stay up to date on what new products are being launched. Deere is a huge believer in constant innovation, so she works hard to make sure Lime Crime stays ahead of current trends and provides countless opportunities for followers to express their personalities through fabulous makeup. The makeup shades produced by Lime Crime are high-pigmented and cruelty-free. Deere prides herself on making sure the company makes only the highest quality products for customers to enjoy in the most ethical way.  Follow them @LimeCrime on Twitter, or else you can check them out on Facebook where their fan base continues to grow.