The Magic of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is an amazing brand of makeup with which I have recently become obsessed. I love all the variety the company offers and my special favorites of the brand are the unique sets the makeup come in. For example, the Velvetines True Love Set. These gorgeous lip colors are part of a Limited Edition Trio lusciously inspired by the shades of roses. The three colors are Cupid, Saint and True Love, all different varieties of beautiful pinks and reds.

My other favorite is the Venus2, which is a follow up to an earlier palette of eyeshadow, but this time with darker tones. There are eight distinct colors in this palette which are all amazing. What I love most about this variety palette is that it not only has diverse colors, but a variety of textures. The shadows come in pearl, glow matte, creamy matte and sparkle matte consistencies.

The Amazon website is completely secure for ordering Lime Crime, which makes me feel confident that my financial information is safe every time I shop. It is easy to check out my order status online and effortless to contact customer care. The #hairspiration area is tons of fun with ideas of which makeups work best with which hair colors!

The Founder/CEO points out that her reason for making this type of makeup was to allow all people to express themselves unapologetically, giving every single person the freedom to be uniquely themselves. I love this! Doe Deere grew up in Russia and later lived in New York City. The inspiration to create this unique brand of makeup came to her when she could not find any makeup to match the outfits she was creating in 2008. Unicorn Lipsticks was first developed in 2009 and was the first line of outrageously colored lipsticks on the market.

The Lime Crime Facebook shows that later came the Velvetines line, the immensely popular matte lipstick formed from liquid. While the company has always been cruelty free, and mainly vegan, the entire company committed to the vegan standard in 2012. The website delves into their commitment to be Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan and also offers a list of ingredients for all its items.