Recent Developments by SEC Whistleblower Attorneys Aggressively Combating Securities Violations

The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) Whistleblower Program came into effect in 2011 after the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act was amended in 2010. This amendment was meant to correct the few disparities in securities laws that made it challenging to come across facts about securities violations. The changes included in the law will allow whistle-blowers to share useful information without fear of victimization because their security is provided for.

Additionally, several law firms have partnered with SEC to offer whistleblowers better security and guide on how to approach matters under this law. History has proved that law enforcement agents alone cannot effectively unearth information about violations, but with the help of civilians, it will be easier to fight securities fraud.

Employment protection
If you are a whistleblower who shares information about your employer, you do not need to worry about victimization. Initially, many people would keep vital securities violations information to themselves for the fear they would fall victims of bullying or evictions, should their employers take note of their action. However, the 2010 Consumer Protection Act amendment allows for additional protection for whistleblowers and an employer cannot sue, bully, demote or in any way act in a manner deemed demeaning due to information you have shared with the authorities about the individual.

If your employer proceeds and does any of the things mentioned and prohibited by the law, as a whistleblower you reserve the right to sue the individual and you will be given free legal representation. The offender may have to part with huge fines or face other punitive measures. With these laws in place, more securities violations are being reported, something that is forcing companies to act in the best manner to prevent falling in the hands of the law enforcement agencies. Learn more about SEC Whistleblower lawyers

Monetary sanctions and rewards
As described in the SEC Whistleblower Program, successful reports that are presented by whistleblowers may attract rewards in certain amounts. On May 17th, 2016, SEC introduced new rates of rewards for whistleblowers who share insider information that cannot be gotten easily. The reward margin was set at between $5 and $6 million, which is considered the highest amount the body has proposed since inception in 2011.

This kind of effort and dedication simply shows how ready and willing SEC is to fight securities fraud. With the introduction of these laws, whistleblowers can now share facts since there are no bottlenecks that may put their lives into danger.

The Securities and Exchange Commission Pays Out $17 million Whistleblower Award

Last week on Thursday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) awarded more than $17 million to a former employee of a company that provided detailed tips that advanced the commission’s investigation and ultimate enforcement actions.


The award was SEC’s third, after issuing nearly $30 million in September 2014 and $14 million in October 2013. The award was also the second largest since the Whistleblower Program was established approximately five years ago.


The award was offered to Labaton Sucharow Whistleblower client, the first law firm to be established in the country to create a practice exclusively focused on advocating and protecting for SEC Whistleblowers. According to Securities and Exchange Commission, the client offered reliable information that led to sanctions of key players in the financial market.


The Whistleblower client elected to remain anonymous to avoid blacklisting and retaliation from the targeted players, as stated by the law firm. The chairman of Labaton Sucharow Whistleblower Representative Practice Jordan Thomas, explained that while other clients chose to remain silent about the situation, his client blew the whistle to prevent investors from being harmed. He also added that a higher number of SEC largest and most substantial cases will be unveiled as a result of such courageous whistleblowers.


In January this year, the SEC had offered $700,000 to an outsider company whose whistleblowers had conducted a detailed analysis that resulted to the successful SEC enforcement action. The SEC has now paid more than $85 million to more than 32 whistleblowers since the program was instituted back in 2011. The awards have particularly targeted clients who provided distinctive and useful information that led to effective enforcement actions. Clients are eligible for the award ranging between 10-30% of the money collected only if the monetary sanction exceeds $1 million.


The chief of the SEC Office of the Whistleblower, Sean McKessy said that the whistleblowers had received more than $30 million in awards. He hoped that this figure would encourage other individuals with acquaintance of federal securities law defilements to make the right decision by reporting any transgression in the financial market to the SEC.


By law, the SEC will protect their confidentiality and will not disclose any information that might indirectly or directly reveal the identity of a whistleblower. By doing this, whistleblowers not only prevent federal law violations by key players in the industry, they will also protects investors’ rights.

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Ross Abelow Helps The Strays In NYC

In the winter especially, there are many stray animals that need assistance. They might have been abandoned by their owners, and left out in the cold. In some cases, they even have medical ailments that do need attention. Since this is a problem in adverse weather conditions at any time in the year, Ross Abelow set up a GoFundMe account in order to help house the strays, and get them the medical attention that they require. This will help the animals that out in the elements and not cared for. Since they cannot take care of themselves, Ross Abelow wants to see them housed and assisted.

Who Is Ross Abelow?

Ross Abelow is a respected lawyer in NY. He handles two different specialties. He is avid at divorce law and entertainment law, and is an expert in both avenues. People go to him for both of these types of issues on a regular basis, and they refer their friends and relatives to go to him if they need a assistance with these types of issues.

Is Ross Abelow Respected By His Peers?

Yes, he is respected by the legal community because of his specialties, and also because he generally care about people. Other lawyers in NY consider him a top notch lawyer that works well for people that are in need of his expertise.

A Free Consultation Will Give A Person The Information That They Need?

Setting up a case for someone by Ross Abelow requires a consultation to gather facts. Since they will be given a free consultation, this is a good chance to see how their rapport will be with Ross Abelow. They will want to be able to feel comfortable with him in order to have all the facts about their situation, whether it be for a divorce or entertainment case. This time is also when a person will find out how much he will charge in fees to represent them. Ross Abelow will be professional and interested in all that they have to say about their situation.

When people are in need of Ross Abelow’s legal help, they can contact his office to set up an appointment. Once they talk with him, they will see why he is highly recommended by others for the work that he is capable of doing.

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Helane L. Morrison: A Force To Be Reckoned With

Helane L. Morrison is currently working at Hall Capital as the company’s Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Before taking the prominent roll in 2007, Ms. Morrison headed the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) from 1999 to 2007. While there, Helane was responsible for securities enforcement, litigation and regulatory matters in Northern California and five other states. From 1996 to 1999, Ms. Morrison was Head of Enforcement for the San Francisco SEC office.

She began her career practicing law at the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Her main focus was on business litigation and defense of private securities. Her strong stances and leadership qualities elevated her to partner in 1991. Morrison also has a seat as a prominent member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. She is a frequent speaker on subjects of compliance and legal issues affecting investment advisers and private funds. To view her entire resume, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Morrison is one of the handful of female administrators within the SEC. She has created a reputation as one of the most powerful influences within her ranks. At the 2012 Compliance Forum she places significant focus on false advertising and how important it is to prohibit general solicitation as a registered adviser. Helane calls out one business using unethical practices in the quote below .

She recognizes the need for tighter control with situations like this to keep it fair for potential investors. She preaches the need for more transparency in matters like these and has taken a very strong-willed approach that has created waves.

See Helane’s Crunchbase to get the latest news on her work and follow her career:

How Lawyers Help Clients And Why Ricardo Tosto Is Brazil’s Best

Lawyers play a very integral role in society. They help people solve different legal affairs matters. These professionals play a very integral role in the justice system in instances when they represent clients involved in court cases.

Simply put, lawyers are individuals who have studied law. Before they start practicing law, lawyers must be called to the Bar. Different countries and territories oversee and govern lawyers at their jurisdiction because they are independent and they protect the administration of justice that is aimed at protecting citizens.

Not every lawyer is qualified to represent the client in court. There are those that are endowed with other roles like drafting agreements between two or more parties, settling legal disputes as well as giving advice on different matters and especially those that are business related. In many instances, lawyers who appear in court are referred to as barristers. These individuals have special skills and they know how to appear in court and in the best manner. They have a lot of knowledge about the law, about court procedures and also how to present evidence before a court.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most gifted lawyers Brazil has ever had. He is a well known leader and strategist in the Brazilian law practice who has a lot of experience. He has managed to rise to the top from very humble beginnings. Ricardo Tosto started in a simple law office and went ahead to become partner in the biggest and most experienced corporate litigation firms in the country. In his career, Tosto has been able to defend very many prominent individuals and companies successfully in both the local and international arena. Because of his professional nature, different individuals of different ideologies have benefited from his professional services.

Ricardo Tosto has also been a pioneer in the adoption of different legal mechanisms that have in future become very popular in the country. He has also played a very big role in mentoring young lawyers to becoming partners in his firm and others. Tosto is endowed with overseeing the most important cases in the firm as well as offering innovative strategies that are needed when special problems arise.

Good Lawyers in Brazil

South America’s largest country, Brazil, ranks third among the countries with the highest number of lawyers. This stands at about three million lawyers – including professional, unregistered and student lawyers. Nevertheless, some of the lawyers do not practice within the legal profession.

Here, we explore more about the Brazilian law in general, as well as the Brazilian lawyers. Read on.

Law in Brazil

Owing to the colonial influences, Brazilian law stems from Portuguese Law. Brazil’s independence in 1822 came with the need to create autonomous legal systems as well as to train legal experts. This saw the first law school being established in 1827, in Olinda and Sao Paulo.

Brazilian law draws inspiration from several foreign legal systems. The civil law, for instance, developed from French to German influence. The country’s civil code, passed in 2002, was inspired by the Italian Civil Code, focused on the unification of private law. It is therefore suffice to describe Brazilian law as a hybrid legal system.

Nonetheless, the Brazilian Law borders civil law tradition. The legal system is founded on statues, with the Federal Constitution as the principal law of the country.

Becoming a Lawyer in Brazil

After attaining the Bachelor of Laws degree, one has to meet several other requirements to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil. Specifically, one must pass the Brazilian Bar Examination – OAB Exam or Exame de Ordem

The OAB Exam is administered nationally and comprises two sections. Section one entails 80 multiple choice questions that cover all the compulsory subjects in the Brazilian Legal Education curriculum.

Candidates must score at least 50% to proceed to the second section. The second section requires candidates to focus on one subject based on their preferences – civil law, administrative law, labour law, constitutional law, criminal law, corporate law, or tax law. The section comprises five essay questions, with a 60% pass mark.

After passing the OAB exam, a Brazilian lawyer is free to practice in any legal field including forming companies with other lawyers, drafting legal documents, appearing in all courts, among other legal practices.

Brazilian Lawyers

Brazil boasts of some of the brilliant lawyers in the world. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one such lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto is a renowned Brazilian lawyer with specialization in corporate law and business litigation. The Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie graduate prides of an extensive experience in representing a wide range of clients – from prominent individuals to multinational corporations.


The high number of lawyers in Brazil is partly attributed to the availability of many law schools in the country. If you are facing a legal issue in Brazil, consider engaging a Brazilian lawyer. The lawyer will review your problem and advise you on the best way to deal with it. If the lawyer’s terms of work are satisfactory to you, you can consider signing a retainer agreement.

Your type of legal issue will determine the type of lawyer to hire. For instance, business lawyers handle corporate law or business related issues.