The CEO of Madison Street Capital Wins the Annual Emerging Leaders Award

The chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital was announced as the winner of The M&A Advisor’s Seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Marsala was selected from a group of outstanding nominees by an independent panel that comprised distinguished business experts. This prestigious award comes as timely recognition of Marsala expertise and significant accomplishments in the industry.

In his speech, Marsala expressed his joy saying that he is thrilled to be recognized in such competitive industry. He did not forget to acknowledge his team saying without their dedication, support, and professionalism it would not have been possible. Moreover, In 2015, Marsala was honored by NACVA as part of its 40 Under Forty Recognition Program. He was also selected to take part in the 2016 Crain Leadership Academy Program.

The M&A Advisor Emerging Award was started in 2010, and it seeks to recognize and celebrates accomplishments made by young professional leaders, not only in the financial sector but also in community contribution. David Fergusson, the president of M&A Advisor, contented that expansion of Emerging Leaders Program to Europe and the United Kingdom will see winners join a network of exceptional leaders around the world.

Winners of Emerging Leaders Award will be introduced to business communities through a black tie Award gala to be held in New York. The Award Gala features an exclusive event that pairs past and current winners of the Emerging Leaders Award together with professionals in the industry.

The co-founder of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala has vast experience in the financial sector than span to about 15 years. Under the leadership of Marsala, the firm has set outstanding records in providing mergers and acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, buyout, private placing and capital restructuring services.

Over the years, Madison Street Capital has built vast relationships based on trust with business communities across the world. Every Madison Street client is treated as a business partner, and the customers objectives are treated as the firm targets. The team takes the time to understand and analyze customers need. This serves as Madison Street Capital’s optimum path to excel in business. As a result, the firm has a broad range of clientele base that includes Central Iowa Energy Corporation, Fiber Science, and Bond Medial Group Company

Though Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, an increase in demand for it services has seen the company expand and opened branches in Asia, North America, and Africa. Apart from incredible success in the financial industry, Madison Street Capital is committed to influencing positive global change and makes a difference. This can be deduced from the firm strong support to various communities’ initiatives across the world.

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Martin Lustgarten’s Investment Banking Strategy

When you think about the specifics of any sales or service type organization, the key that you need to remember is that you need people to come to you more than anything. When you have a sales team that can attract people, then you have the chance of being successful because you can earn enough of a living off of each client that your entire business model makes sense.


That being said, some individuals are not only good at attracting individuals into their business environment, but they thrive on being around people and helping them at the same time. Martin Lustgarten is not just one of those individuals who is extremely successful because of his knowledge and ability with respect to finances and investment banking; he is tremendously successful because people just like him and he likes to help people as well.


When you think about the investment banking world and the world of finances in general, it truly is a scary place. There are so many different investment vehicles, types of organizations, strategies, sectors, and etc. The chaos of finance is that if you don’t know what you are doing then you can easily and quickly get lost. Furthermore, if you are not constantly involved in the world of finance then you could be in trouble because things change in an instant.


The knowledge that you need to have in the financial world is not only already known by someone like Martin Lustgarten, but with his constant pursuit of knowledge he is actually able to help others as he continues to grow his general base of financial understanding. However, when you think about having an actual partnership with someone in the finance field and you think about someone who can help you to understand not only which choices to make but why to make them as well, that’s exactly where Martin Lustgarten comes in.


At the end of the day finance in general and the world of investing can be summarized very simply. You need to make decisions, but you also need to know why you are making them. For the best results, it’s not wonder so many have flocked to Martin Lustgarten. Find him on Vimeo to learn more about what he’s into.