Cleaning up Your Digital Identity

At one point or another, most people have been warned that what they post on their social media apps can be harmful. These damaging pieces of information can be found by others with a simple Google search, potentially costing people job opportunities or even college admission. Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, gives internet users some tips to protect themselves from this kind of discrimination.

First, Fisher recommends that users log out of their browsers, clearing their cache and search history. This should give the user insight into what those who Google their name will see. Second, find any posts or pictures that may raise flags for those looking to find out information about you. For most social media apps, there is an option to change the privacy settings, and subsequently hide the damaging information. A more proactive approach is to create new content that will appear on the front page of a Google search such as a personal website or positive social media profiles. Next, be on the watch for websites like PeopleSmart that create digital profiles based on bits and pieces of information they can gather. Most of these sites will remove the information if asked. Lastly, if pictures are posted without the individual’s consent, simply contacting the website administrator could result in them being removed.

Darius Fisher has worked to fix the digital presence of people from all backgrounds and circumstances. His job is to essentially clear the internet of negative references to individuals that may result in tainting the image of the client. However, this does not mean that he has no moral standing. While he does not name names or cite examples, Fisher has rejected clients, refusing to assist in covering up acts that can be construed as morally reprehensible. The bulk of Fisher’s work is necessary due to one sided reporting or poor researching methods. This negligence should not result in tarnishing the names of innocent people. Fisher and his associates at Status Labs work to make sure that everyone gets fair digital representation.

Founded four years ago, Status Labs has grown to over thirty employees in three locations. Currently, Status Labs has over fifteen hundred clients in thirty five countries and has seen excellent growth. An up and coming entrepreneur, Fisher has worked tirelessly to give people the second chance they deserve. Fisher is currently working on expanding his business through digital marketing to reach more people who need second chances.