Goettl Air Conditioning Solidifies Its Presence in California

Goettl has recently announced its latest acquisition in a bid to expand its operations in California. According to BizJournals, Goettl acquired Family-owned company Walton’s Heating and Air at undisclosed amount. The strategic deal has been reported to not only solidify Goettl’s presence in California but also take Walton to greater level.

Todd Longbrake is reportedly happy with the deal clarifying that he actually needed to work with Goettl having exhausted all his options to grow the company alone. Todd was reluctant when Goettl first showed interest in his company in early 2015. He however decided to settle on the deal after hearing good reviews about the firm from other people in the HVAC industry.

The purchase is reported to have been finalized within 2015 with Longbrake retained by Goodrich as sales manager and field supervisor. Goodrich has since been quoted by BizJournals praising Longbrake for his quick assimilation into Goettl’s company culture. According to Ken Goodrich, Todd has become a leader in the entire organization.

Goettl announced the purchase two years after the deal was completed since they had to sort out some operational logistics with Walton’s. The later now bares Goettl’s badge. Ken has pointed out that their recent acquisition offers a good platform for growth. He further explained that the two firms have the same family background and values. The deal is projected to increase the current Goettl’s staff base of 306 by 200. The addition will mostly benefit Tucson and Phoenix, the company’s strongholds.

Goodrich Company’s goal of becoming a nationwide brand is brightly underway. The organization now plans to venture into North California before getting into Texas in 2018.

Goettl Air Conditioning

The company was co-founded by Gust and Adam Goettl in 1993 in Phoenix, state of Arizona, United States. The once Family owned business exchanged hands several times before being bought by Ken Goodrich in 2013. The now popular entrepreneur had a philosophy of buying broken businesses and turning them around into profit generating companies. He had successfully done so 15 times, making Goettl Air Conditioning his 16th attempt.

At the time of purchase, the company was facing a lot of operational challenges. This presented a significant task before Goodrich. He however decided to implement his old-fashioned approaches in fixing the new business. To date, this company is one of the most trusted brands in the industry: providing quality services to customers and presenting real-value for money. You can visit their Facebook page for more.