The Clothes Maiden Praises Fabletics Sportsware


A commentator for The Clothes Maiden website has given her seal of approval to the 2016 Spring and Summer line of sportswear available from Fabletics.

According to the The Clothes Maiden article author, the first two things people think when they hear sportswear or clothes for wearing to the gym is that they’re drab and boring. They either hang on you like an old shirt or they’re so sheer people can see through the material when it stretches, as though a woman is there to show off a body rather than get or keep it in shape. Gym clothes are uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Fabletics, co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, changes all that. Hudson is a mother, actress and influencer of fashion style. She was born to inspire others. She wants all women to lead healthy and active lives. To do that, they need clothes they can wear that are both comfortable and attractive. That’s true for running, going to gym and practicing yoga. Having the right clothes motivates women to exercise and move to improve their health. Therefore, she created a line of activewear that can be mixed and matched to the customer’s style and level and type of activity.

Every month, Hudson includes items of her own personal wardrobe. Of course they’re good. Hudson wears them herself.

The new Spring and Summer line includes garments with patterns of geometrical shapes and floral prints. Every piece is both attractive, stylish and functional.

They are made from designer quality material that makes room as you move without becoming see-through. You can exercise in it without the material stretching so much everybody can see your private body parts. The article includes a funny Fabletics video ad that stresses this point using humor.

Besides, Fabletics outfits are affordable. If you join the VIP Program, you get outfits every month. They’re normally priced around $80-100 at full retail, but you get them for $49.95 plus free shipping. Your first outfit is just $25. They tailor the outfits to your tastes based on a questionnaire you fill out. And you can choose to skip any month.

This kind of monthly subscription service is probably unique in the clothing industry, except for Fabletics and other brands marketed by JustFab (FabKids and FL2, which is clothes for men).

In 2013, Hudson co-founded Fabletics with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, Co-CEOs of JustFab. They saw the need for sportswear for both looked good and was affordable. There were cheap brands and luxury brands, but nothing in the middle a woman could wear to her Pilates class.