Why Running One’s Own Business is Best

The best chance a woman or anyone has at success is in running one’s own business. While there are many jobs that offer room for promotions and advancements, the best way for someone to succeed in her career is to run her own business. Women still have to deal with the glass ceiling and other problems in the workforce even in this changing economy. Not only is a woman her own boss or CEO when she starts her own business, but she has no limit as to how much money she can make when she works for herself.

Among the many advantages to running one’s own business is the ability to set and choose one’s own hours. The businesswoman can decide when and in some cases where she works as it depends on the business that she is running. However, even that has its limits. She has to set her hours roughly around the time that businesses are typically the busiest. For one thing, she may not want to work at a time when most businesses are slow. She might wind up getting very little work done. Instead, she may want to do as much work as possible when people are at their busiest.

One businesswoman that has figured out the best way to succeed with her business is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla is very diligent. She is also very influential and is a role model for other businesswomen that are trying to make a name for themselves. She has spent a large part of her career in managerial positions. After that, she has started her own business. Being very experienced with higher level positions, Susan McGalla knows what it is like to be a leader and what it takes to be an effective leader. She runs a business in a way that she likes.

Susan McGalla of the Steelers also knows about some of the common disadvantages that comes with running one’s own business. Fortunately, these disadvantages come at the beginning stages for most businesses. For one thing, while one does make a little more money as a business owner when she is diligent, one also has to work more hours, and may even have to skip days off so that she could build her business. Even a successful business can require that the worker be on call so to speak so that her clients or customers can have their problems solved. However, it is worth it for most people.

Running one’s own business is the best choice one could make due to the freedom and the responsibility that it gives people. When people try to run their own business, even when the business is ultimately a failure the person who attempted to run a business has experienced a change in mindset and has a better understanding as to what it would take to succeed in a business. She may even have a new found respect for other business owners. The only failure on the person’s part would be to give up very quickly.