Advances in Data Analytical Tool Put Securus on Top

Located in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides software and support to over 3500 law enforcement agencies in the United States. Their software also tracks and monitors over one million inmates in correctional institutions. Securus Technologies provides software for investigation management, public information, behavioral analysis and incident management.
In a report by PR Newswire, Securus Technologies recently released Threads 3.1, the most powerful advanced analytical tool in the corrections and law enforcement industry. Securus Technologies is the leader in public safety, corrections and investigation technology. The latest update Threads 3.1 utilizes the latest in web technology. The new technology provides outstanding performance, without sacrificing any of the capacity of previous versions of the program. The redesign preserves the powerful analytical tools commonly used in law enforcement. The new upgrade is easy to use and receives strong praise from members of the law enforcement community. For more information on Securus Technologies go to

The new upgrade is revealed by PR Newswire to enhance the search function of the software, while eliminating unnecessary system functions. This expedites the process while keeping the software user friendly for many individuals. The new upgrade Threads 3.1 utilizes HTML 5. This allows the software program to easily integrate with other Securus software products. The software is user friendly, it requires very little time to train individuals on Threads 3.1. The recent upgrade has produced a powerful tool, easy to use by most investigative employees. The new product continues to provide investigators with strong, focused investigative leads.