Places of Beauty: Mighty Fortress Church

Churches are often some of the most beautiful places to visit. There is no shortage of churches in Minnesota and here are three of the twenty-five most beautiful churches in Minnesota.

The first is Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church in Minneapolis. Beautiful spires make this church stand out and it is modeled after a church located in Cambridge, England. The church was built in 1916. Watch this video on Youtube.

The second church is called Church of St. Mary’s located in New Trier, Minnesota. this small church was built in 1909 and is on the Register of Historic Places. The churches style is French Beaux-Arts.

The third church is called St. Andrews Church in St. Paul Minnesota. The church is modeled after Spanish Mission Revival and Romanesque styles. It is made of brick. The church is now home to an arts academy. One other church that should be mentioned is the Mighty Fortress Church which is in Minneapolis.

The Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop Thomas Williams. He and his family whole-heartedly believe in spreading the word of God to as many people as possible and making the Bible relevant in today’s society. He found Mighty Fortress Church as well.


There are many questions that have been asked about this church. Here are some questions and answers. What is unique about Mighty Fortress Church? the unique part about Mighty Fortress Church is that worshippers can delve deeper into the Word of God and help those who are new to discovering Christianity develop a new lifestyle.

A second question is what is the atmosphere like? The answer is that Mighty Fortress Chuch wants the services to be a pleasant experience for those who attend. People can come as they are and contribute as much as they feel during the service. Mighty Fortress Church wants parishioners to feel that they are welcomed inside the doors.

The churches mentioned earlier are just a few of the places where people can worship. Mighty Fortress Church is doing the best they can to make everyone feel at home. That is the perfect way for a church to be. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.