Sanjay Shah and Snoop Dogg Join Forces to Fight Autism

Sanjay Shah is a very successful hedge fund manager living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with his beautiful wife and four children. It would seem that he has no cares in the world, but appearances can be, and often are, deceiving. Shah’s son Nikhil has been diagnosed with autism, and Shah is spearheading an effort to better understand his son’s condition and to search for cures. He has founded a charity to help advance treatment and research for the disease, and for him to more fully understand and help with his son’s condition.
With money comes power and access to the glitterati and Shah sent out pleas for help to various performers in the entertainment industry.
Out of the blue, world famous actor and rapper, Snoop Dogg appeared at the door of the Shah palatial estate in Dubai offering his invaluable help and support, and the collaboration began like an explosion. Soon Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Dogg began playing to invitation only audiences with the proceeds going to support autism research. The charity effort was called Autism Rocks, and the artists gathered together in support of the endeavor, surely, produced great results for both those in attendance and those receiving monies for research. The initial foray was in London, which, happens to be, the site of the charity’s support for research into autism.
Autism is a debilitating medical condition which can often tear families apart. There are drugs which have been developed to treat the symptoms but the causes and cures for autism remain mysterious. The effects on families can be catastrophic, but Shah wants to fully understand his son’s condition so that he and Nikhil will have a positive relationship now and in the future.
Shah, Dogg and the others have founded a campaign. Anyone wishing to know more about autism or the efforts of Autism Rocks can simply get on line to learn or, even, to lend their support to Autism Rocks. It is a very worthwhile charity and well worth the support of everyone. Follow Sanjay Shah on Twitter to stay in the loop.