Your New Puppy and Beneful are Meant to Be

How many times have you taken a step into that neighborhood pet store? You claim you are going to purchase a new pet next time but you never do. After a while, the puppies in the pet store are gone and you are sad. You tell you parents that you wanted a puppy but they are all gone. Your parents begin looking online on Facebook or twitter and in the newspaper for puppies that are ready for new homes. Your parents come across a lady that has several new puppies that are ready for adoption. That weekend you and your mother take a ride to visit the puppies. You have no idea of the type, colors, or age of these puppies. The lady greets you at the door. You walk into her house and see there are several in the later. The funny thing about these puppies is they are the same ones that were in the pet store. You are so happy. The puppies owner had removed the puppies from the pet store because they refuse to sell them for the price she said. The puppy you pick was really meant to be. They were all running around and jumping all over you. They had a big bowl of Beneful so you know they were eating for health. Beneful dog food is there for your puppy just like the puppy was there waiting for you. Beneful dog food and puppy formula can take care of your dog for the life of your dog. It is reasonable in price and it is good tasting to your dog. The puppy formula is perfect for your puppy because it provides all of the nutrients your puppy needs to grow strong. You want the best for your puppy so you purchase Purina Beneful. According to the article in the Daily Herald, Puppies are going to be eating more like their ancestors when they eat foods like Blue Buffalo. They will eat wild duck flavor food. The foods being produced today are promising to taste more like the foods they eat in the wild. Other companies are making the foods that taste like lasagna or beef stroganoff, right off your dinner table. Why not give it a try just like the chief did.

The Perfect Dog Food for Fred

I was looking for the perfect dog food for my puppy, Fred, when I found Beneful. I had tried different brands of dog food, but they were never really the perfect fit. Beneful is a great product made from real food that is still in a modest price range. Although I would spend as much as I had to for dog food, I’m really glad that I don’t need to. I’m really happy that I found Beneful, and know that we will use it for life.

Fred is a pug mix, and the breed tends to be on the overweight side naturally so I try to keep his weight down. Because I was afraid of Fred becoming overweight, I wanted a food that would give my puppy the energy that he needed without having to feed him a lot of food. Even though the breed has a natural tendency to be on the chunky side, I feel that it is unhealthy for a dog to be overweight. Pugs also tend to be lazy and have a propensity to avoid exercise. I also live in a warmer climate, so walking the puppy outside can be dangerous during the summer months. I was really worried about keeping my little guy healthy, but I was determined.

When I first brought Fred home as a three month old puppy, he already had weight issues and needed to be on a diet from the start. At first we were on an Iam’s puppy food, but Fred just didn’t seem to be satisfied with it. He always seemed to want more, and still didn’t have the energy levels that I wanted him to have. He would have bursts of playful energy, but if he took a walk around the block he would be exhausted. Although I felt that the Iam’s food was nutritional, I also felt that it wasn’t the right fit for us.

We tried a Blue Buffalo dog food, but had the same issues. I then switched Fred to Purina’s Beneful dog food and everything changed. Fred seems satisfied with the amount of food that I give to him, and his energy levels are much higher that with Iam’s or Blue Buffalo. Fred has lost weight and is now at a healthy level. Even though he eats less Beneful than he did of other brands he has way more energy and is more excited to go play and exercise than he was in the past.

We are both very happy with Beneful. It is nutritious and made from great food, and we both love it. I enjoy Fred even more now that he is more playful, and we are both happy that we have found the perfect food for us in Beneful.