Dead Venezuelans Sign Recall Referendum

It was revealed this week that 190,000 deceased Venezuelan residents were listed on the active recall for President Maduro. Jorge Rodriguez was appointed to verify the names on the referendum by President Maduro and also leads the United Socialist Party.
According to Constitutional jurist Maria Alejandra Diaz it would be very difficult much less impossible to process a recall by the close of the year. Diaz theorizes that the soonest date for a recall referendum would be in January 2017 as it takes about 170 days to process all the paperwork needed for the recall.

Expert Danilo Diaz Granados says that it seems to be that President Maduro has received a stay of Presidential execution until next year when the referendum can be resubmitted. “If I were President Maduro I would stay the course and see how much on a long list of Venezuela’s pressing needs can be resolved before the recall process begins anew” added Granados.