The Importance of Grabbing Attention As Told By Lori Senecal

One of the most important aspects of marketing is bringing attention to the company. This is one of the reasons that businesses try to grab the attention of the viewers. Lori Senecal herself knows the importance of putting together an ad that is going to capture the attention of the viewer. For one thing, an ad that is uninspired and boring is not going to capture the attention of the customer. Therefore, Lori Senecal takes the time to make sure that the ad is going to be commanding of attention from the audience. With attention, the company is going to make a lot of profits.

One of the worst things a company can do is trying so hard to capture attention that it backfires. For one thing, there is a process that goes towards putting together an ad that gets attention. This process involves looking at the product and analyzing the market. One thing that needs to be thought about is what the target audience would want. One of the best ways to get the attention of the audience is to show the product. With every advertising campaign, the focus has got to be on the product. Therefore, it is important to be relevant to the product that is being sold.

According to Adage, Lori Senecal knows how to bring attention to the product. For one thing, she has a lot of experience with her advertising. Therefore, she knows what message to send that is going to attract the customers. This is one thing that she works on with her clients. Among the things that she helps with when it comes to advertising is deciding on the tone to take with the advertising so that people will give the attention to the company. One thing that she will have people do is reach them at their heart.

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Orange Coast College Rowing Program Stays With Former Members For Life

In 1957, a small community college in Southern California began a rowing program that would take on the established rowing programs of traditional four year colleges that had centuries long traditions of achieving success in rowing contests.

Orange Coast College may not have begun with a tradition of rowing success, but over the course of 60 years the college has achieved an amazing 10 national championship victories that mark the program out as one of the most successful in the history of modern collegiate rowing.

One of the reasons for success that has been mentioned by those involved with the team for the success that has been achieved in developing the program is the inclusion of many of the former participants in the rowing team as coaches to the current squad.

Former members of the squad who now have coaching roles include Steve Morris, once the head coach of the program and current assistant coach who still rises early each morning to be at the practice facility of Orange Coast College rowing program by 5.30 to prepare for the 6.30 a.m. practice; other stories include Daniel Amado who broke a disc in his back and has returned to strength to become captain of the novice team at the community college. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Orange Coast College has been at the heart of the educational options open to the people of Southern California with more than 25,000 students signing up for classes each semester; the Orange Coast College is fully accredited to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and offers students such as novice rowing team captain Daniel Amado the chance to transfer to a four year private or public college of their choice.

The college is located in Costa Mesa, California and is the third largest college in the well known Orange County region, and was built on the area of land that was once the Santa Ana Army Air Base.

Over the course of the life of the college a number of famous rowers have passed through the doors of the academic institution, including the famous rower and rowing coach Craig Amerkhanian, who is one of 10 rowers who have moved on to Olympic Games and World Champiomships.

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Orange Coast College Reviews | Glassdoor

Brian Torchin: A Leader in Healthcare and Legal Staffing

Brian Torchin, a chiropractor by trade, is the founder of Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) Staffing. He started the company realizing that there was a need for staffing, opening, and managing medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delware, and Florida. Today, the company not only works in the USA, but has expanded its services to Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Today, HCRC is a full-time staffing and consulting firm for healthcare and law. They recruit candidates for numerous positions, including: medical doctors of all specialties, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, dentists, and many more.

They are reliable and able to find staff within 72 hours. In addition to finding candidates, HCRC services also includes consulting, background checks, and trainings. They strive to serve their clients by ensuring that they are providing quality staff and services.

In addition to healthcare, HCRC also recruits candidates for various legal positions, including: attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, administrative assistants, administrators, office managers, and receptionists.

According to Glassdoor, you can connect with Brian Torchin through his social media platforms such as, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. On Linkedin and through his blog on his website,, Torchin shares articles and tips about on several topics. On Twitter and Facebook, he posts a wide variety of job openings to find potential candidates. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Brian Torchin has been featured on mass media news outlets, including CNN. He is regarded as a veteran in the healthcare industry and a leader in healthcare staffing. He delivers the best customer service to his clients to ensure they are staffed with the best possible staff.

Arthur Becker’s Life of Success

Arthur Becker is an innovative businessman who recently did an interview about his investments in real estate. While working with his former wife Vera Wang, he became inspired to get involved with buying townhouses to then later fix and sell. This recent venture has helped him gain back the money he put in plus some, and his first private investment was greatly rewarded. The biggest hurdle he has faced so far is trying to find a good price that goes along with a design that has kept up with the latest trends.

According to NY Daily News, before Becker started in the real estate business, he first worked as the CEO of NaviSite from 2002-2010. For seven years he was also a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company. In 2011, Becker sold NaviSite to TimeWarner. A year later he became the CEO of Zinio where he stayed until 2015. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Becker’s interests are not limited to real estate though. He has also started investing in Bio Tech. One of his more interesting ventures is in cancer treatment. Though Becker admits having no medical training just that he has been surrounded by the field enough to be intrigued by it.

Change seems to be a common factor in Arthur Becker’s life. He sees change as a necessity and embraces it. He knows that a successful business is one that is willing to bend to new styles and trends. One of his tips that he talks about often is involving talented people. Finding people that have a talent you are looking for to get a business you want running.

Arthur Becker is not afraid to admit if something does not work. He becomes more satisfied with every company he starts. Becker has been very successful in his lifetime and is looking forward to what will come to him in the future.

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A Pioneer in Cancer Treatment for All, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is co founder and CEO of Tempus. He is by definition a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist. Despite making millions he and his wife constantly donate millions of dollars to various organizations. Many of these organizations help with cancer research and studies in adults as well as in children. Lefkofsky, who has been involved in many organizations with popular companies such as Groupon just to name a few. He is popular in the technology department and has started companies that have a vested interest in this category. In addition to being successful in his companies and affiliations with certain well known and the most successful organizations Lefkofsky has dedicated his life and work to giving back.

Lefkofsky developed this company and spent the time necessary to obtain the knowledge necessary to help move this company forward. He has been known to be a quick learner and puts his life and passion into his work. He has utilized the knowledge that he possessed and always yearned for more when it pertained to cancer and thus came about the company of Tempus. Tempus has partnered with many organizations and all the best medical organizations to help to make cancer treatment more personable and help to eradicate the death of people who are diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in people around the world. For many years researchers and scientists alike have worked diligently to try to find a cure. With new developments in genomic studies cancer treatment will be more viable and a cure more available in the near future. Tempus is an organization that allows doctors from around the world to view patients with certain types of cancers and their treatment methods. This information combined with the application of genomic sequencing has helped bring a new edge to curing cancer/ This system allows doctors the ability to review similar cases and what worked and what did not work for patients with specific types of cancer allowing for a vast knowledge bank of comparisons and treatment methods to consider. Tempus helps to develop an individualized treatment care plan based on the patients needs and what has worked on similar cases using genetic code and molecular therapies.

Amazing Facts About Julia Jackson and the Jackson Family Wine Business

To most people, wine is one of the most luxurious and costly drinks in the market but to Julia Jackson, wine is life. Being the youngest daughter of Jackson Family Wines, Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, Julia’s life has all along revolved around winemaking.

Julia’s influence comes from both her parents; however, her mother influence has more weight. Describing her mother, Julia fondly draws her strength her mother’s authentic and brainiac nature. Since the demise of her husband, Barbara Banke has been able to carry on the mantle of the family business to heights it is now. In celebration to those exemplary women in leadership positions, Jackson founded the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment program. This program is an inspiration to strong women in the society who despite the odds have soldiered on to make an impact in the society. At least the Cambria program awards in cash grants $100,000 annually to nonprofit organizations that upholds the values of community, equality and spirit. Learn more about Julia at

Asides from having an in depth understanding of the wine business, Julia Jackson has knowledge in studio art. Having attended the Scripps College in California in 2006, Julia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art degree in 2010. She also holds a certificate in general management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Currently Julia holds the position of Jackson Family Wines spokesperson. Thanks to her nature and personality, she is able to market well the family business. According to her, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay still their unchallenged position as one of the best wines in Sonoma.

As you enjoy your favorite Jackson Family Wine, be it a La Crema, a WindRacer or a Silver Palm, you can rest assured that nothing but quality is in each sip you make. Julia is not only passionate about the wine business but also knowledgeable about it, this is proof enough that you will continue to enjoy that wine on your glass longer.

Tammy Mazzocco Tells How She Does It In Real Estate Sales

When Tammy Mazzocco began her real estate, it was as a secretary to a commercial real estate team. She continued to work in supportive roles for the next ten years until she decided that the income potential in sales was the way to go.

The joined the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX in 1999 and never had regret since. As per Ideamensch, Tammy says that she owes a lot to fellow real estate agents and managers in her early days because it seemed like there was a never-ending flow of facts that seemed impossible to comprehend. It didn’t take her long to grasp all that she needed to succeed, however.

It may be hard to believe today, but initially, Tammy Mazzocco was too shy to ask prospective buyers about their personal finances, even though that is critical information for a realtor to know about. One of her co-workers suggested she simply start asking the right questions and not to worry about what anyone thought about it. It worked like a charm, and Tammy had no problems like that again.

Tammy likes to set goals, and then break the goals down into smaller action steps. It is easier to complete the action steps, one at a time, than it is to complete the whole goal. She also is a good planner and has a good software program to keep track of all the myriads of detail required in the real estate business. More details can be found on

One thing that she has found to be vital is to treat prospective clients as she would like to be treated her especially true when it comes to their time and investment. This is very important as people are many times in a stressful situation when buying a new home. They are out of their element and Tammy makes a very strong effort to put them at ease.

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Relax With The Comfort Of A All Natural Lip Balm

Great lips shouldn’t cost a fortune. If you’re interested in a reasonably priced product that will give your lips the proper balance of moisture and shine, you should try the revolutionary EOS lip balm brand. They guarantee to saturate your lips with the proper amount of protection that lasts long throughout the day. Thousands of women around the world are choosing brands like Evolution of Smooth to hydrate their dull dry lips. Each product is packed with a perfect blend of easy to absorb jojoba oil and body butter. These two products combined provide amazing coverage that has been used to repair the skin for centuries.

If you admire award winning lips like your favorite celebrity’s, including Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, you can reap the benefits of the perfect blend of protection. Nourish your lips with a trendy product that is easy to use and store. Customers can put their product in their purse and pocket for easy access at any time. Many Evolution of Smooth brands are becoming increasingly, popular and popping up in Canada, In fact, choose from many delectable flavors that your lips are sure to crave with a wonderful scent packed in each container.

Try great flavors with EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth with options like 2 pack Wild berry, Lemon Drop, and Sorbet. Stop the threat of extreme temperatures damaging your lips or get full protection against UV rays. Their lips care products are chosen over competitor brands like Chapstick. Get superior coverage that will leave you amazed with their results. You can learn more about EOS products by visiting websites like Evolution of Smooth and getting a list of all of their available products. You can also visit your favorite retailer like Target or Costco and browse their beauty care aisle for more purchase options.

MB2 Dental Solutions: A New Concept of Dental Practice

MB2 Dental Solutions provides solutions for the management and practice of dental care. Licensed dentists fully own the company which provides services that are in the interest of both dentists and their patients. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy:

Dentists face many challenges, and they also have many requirements. The business of MB2 Dental Solutions revolves around providing solutions to these challenges, so dentists completely focus on their patients.

The firm has a partnership with affiliated dentists and practice owners who receive many services at their affiliated offices. The aim is to provide an environment where dentists do not worry about other issues.

MB2 provides its affiliated offices with every type of assistance without having any influence on the autonomy of those offices.

Associated Dentists can take great advantage of the firm’s large network. Dentists receive career opportunities, learning, and mentoring. Dentists learn a lot quicker, develop their skills and move forward in their career when they work at MB2 Solutions’ affiliated offices. MB2 takes care of every non-clinical issue of dental practice.

For dentists, such tasks are confusing and burdensome which consume their precious time and affect their clinical performance.

The tasks are related to procurement, business development, training, recruiting, marketing, billing & collection, IT, compliance, credentialing, accounting & finance, and human resources. According to Rate MDs, MB2 Dental has seventy affiliated offices operating in six different states of the US.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental Solutions are Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He began his dental practice just like all other dentists, but he got frustrated due to issues of both solo practice and group practice. Both models did not suit him. He realized that there is a need for a model which enables dentists to enjoy the benefits and profitability without worrying about other issues of the dental practice.

The vision leads him to found MB2 Dental Solutions in 2009. He wanted to provide a dental practice model which combined the benefits of both solo practice and group practice and eradicate their disadvantages.

The concept was a great success. The firm has over eighty employees now, and the number of their affiliated offices is increasing. The top management of MB2 Solutions has five more people. The Vice President of Business Development is Jake Berry.

The Chief Revenue Officer is Martha Alikacem. The Chief Financial Officer is Mark Fuller who has three decades of accounting and finance experience. The Chief Operating Officer is Justine Caroll, and the President is Justin Puckett.

Bruce Levenson: Legacy Of A Former NBA Owner And Philanthropic Organization Founder

Bruce Levenson and a group of former NBA owners are in the middle of a court battle against their former insurance company, AIG. The dispute started back in June of 2015 after Levenson had decided to sell his shares of the Atlanta Hawks, and the ownership was transferred without any difficulties. But in the midst of the sale Levenson and the other owners opted to terminate General Manager Danny Ferry and buyout his contract, a move that should have allowed Ferry the right to payments from AIG. But AIG has refused to follow through with any agreement and Levenson and the other owners are promising to fight back even if it means a lengthy court hearing process.

According to ESPN, Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks along with their arena back in 2004. Before that he founded United Communications Group (UCG), a well-known technology and industrial newsletter publisher. Levenson is an alumnus of Washington University where he got his degree in journalism, and he also worked as a reporter for the Washington Star, a now defunct newspaper that was based in Washington D.C. Levenson decided to launch his own publishing business in 1977, and he and Ed Peskowitz published “Oil Express” followed by several other newsletters. Their business became so successful that it expanded into other countries and became a dynamic technology news source. UCG also became the parent to TechTarget and GasBuddy, an app for locating low gas prices.

Levenson’s philanthropy has included many inner city programs aimed at higher education for minorities including Hoop Dreams and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. But he also wanted to encourage college graduates going into business to make philanthropy a centerpiece of their work, so he helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Levenson is also on the boards of SEED Foundation, Birthright Israel and BBYO and also is a contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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