Southridge Capital: Steven Hicks and Portfolio Success

Southridge capital was created when Steven Hicks saw the opportunity to create a new venture while still working for a hedge fund in New York. He has been very instrumental as the CEO and principal of Southridge capital that continues to bring its customers great returns. Hicks has been in the market and industry for nearly three decades with a long list of credentials. His education stems from a Bachelor of Science to a MBA. Hicks understands what it takes to keep his business on track and maintaining their success. Once he was able to create his new venture after his current employer decided to return back to Australia, Hicks hit the ground running and built a successful hedge fund that has made a home on Wall Street. This has afforded him the ability to have inside knowledge regarding which investments best suits their clients. He understands the importance of seeking out new opportunities and keeping his client’s happy with astounding returns.


Hicks days are spent tracking portfolio goals to make sure they’re all hitting their marks. He believes that experience can be the strongest engine idea out there. His team works tirelessly to use time-sensitive data to make the best decisions when providing financing other companies. Hicks shares that their is a methodology when it comes to making hedge fund decisions. Southridge  is familiar with the landscape and can foresee what investments work and pinpoint those that won’t. As many hedge fund managers, Steven Hicks focuses his attention on cryptocurrency and the rising sale regarding legal marijuana. To him, these two opportunities may be at the end of the spectrum when it comes to the investment market, however, they share an unbelievable characteristic, which is profits. Managers of hedge funds always seek opportunities in placing capital behind the “next big thing” which is where marijuana and cryptocurrency are already leading the way.  You can visit to see more.



For Southridge capital and entrepreneurs like Steven Hicks it’s imperative to remain engaged in portfolio success. He states one must keep an eye on on a portfolio’s daily list and cash proceeds which cans speed productivity. For more info you can checkout their twitter account.