Jeff Yastine: Noticing Undervalued Stocks

Anyone looking to ensure their future is looking into investing. Usually, people are scared off of investing by hearing stories about people losing everything in the blink of an eye. While investing is risky, it doesn’t mean it has to be tricky. There are plenty of financial experts offering their opinions through weekly newsletters. Read this article at

One such expert is Jeff Yastine, who has more than 20 years of experience in the financial world. Currently, like all brilliant financial experts, Jeff Yastine works with Banyan Hill Publishing to get his knowledge to readers. He’s Editor of his own paper, Total Wealth Insider, and contributes to two other papers: Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily.

His primary purpose for working with Banyan Hill is helping investors and business owners understand their business, economic and monetary trends, and highlight any and all profit-making opportunities that pertain to specific industries.

Before joining Banyan Hill, Jeff Yastine worked at a number of institutions that afforded the opportunity to meet and greet some legendary business figures. From 1994 to 2010, he worked at PBS on one of their shows, Nightly Business Report. He served as a Financial Correspondent and Anchor for nearly two decades.

While at PBS, it was his job to find and interview some of most successful financiers and entrepreneurs across many industries. When he left PBS, he brought all of that knowledge with him to Banyan Hill, and now, shares it with his readers.


When he wasn’t interviewing successful experts, he was reporting on a wide-range of business and investment stories. He covered everything from identifying small-cap growth stocks to the mid-2000’s real estate bubble. Essentially, by the time he joined Banyan Hill, he was one of the most well-versed financial experts in the world.

Like all financial experts, he faces great doubts every time he publishes a paper. It seems to be human nature these days to doubt people offering too much help for too little. Regardless of how people feel about his expertise, he’s rarely wrong, and that speaks volumes to his experience in the business.

Recently, he talked about underserved stocks that he noticed months ago. Every time the markets experience a new trend, investors leave behind more strong stocks, which Jeff Yastine calls consumer staples companies. They don’t grow as quickly but produce reliable dividends. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Release Fact.