Todd Lubar Journey to The Successful Businessman He Is Today.

Todd Lubar is a successful financial and real estate investor. He is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He oversees a team of great professionals in the marketing arena and faithful clients. The success of his team is an indication of his own success as a businessman which is traceable to his uncommon but incredible life story.


Todd Lubar began his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995 and worked there until 1999. Immediately after, Todd acquired another job at Arlington, Texas in Legacy Financial Group. Through his splendid service, Todd aided in the growth of the firm’s Maryland office to a point of generating multi-millions in loan volume, annually. In 2005, Todd left Legacy Financial Group for Charter Funding a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corp, where he served in the role of a senior vice president until 2007. Charter Funding, one of the Largest US mortgage companies under private ownership.


He has always enjoyed working with mortgage banking although he still has ownership of companies in other areas such as the demolition industry, recycling business, nightclub industry, and real estate. You can visit his page


Todd has been in the credit and finance business for over 20 years. He has always loved helping people achieve their dreams and ambitions and this has been one of the driving forces in his career, TDL not being an exception. In his financial career, Todd has learned that most people are unable to achieve their goals due to the many obstacles making it impossible for them to access loans. Check out to see more.



Though finding success in his business venture has not been an easy task, Todd believes that taking action and keeping the spirit is what has seemed him get the profitable results he has today. According to Patch, Todd has combined his expertise in real estate and experience in finance to achieve his role in TDL, where he deals with Banking and mortgage.


Prior to that, Todd has attended High school in The Pebble School in New Jersey as well as Washington’s Sidwell Friends School.

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  1. This influenced Todd to need to wipe out these deterrents and furnish individuals with the assets they look for. Is a 1995 graduate of Syracuse University with a single men degree in Speech Communication. It is so important that could do everything that they want which is something important for all them to see the reasons behind all of these.

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