Organizations that have benefited from Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Support

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization that provides support to the groups that defend the rights of the immigrants.It is a non-profit firm that has defended many immigrants to obtain the freedom of expression, especially in Arizona.

The foundation champions for the human rights by providing financial assistance to other organizations with the aim of advocating for human rights.

The group was started by Lacey and Larkin to help the Hispanic community to obtain freedom from racial discrimination. The funds which are used in the organization was given by Lacey and Larkin by the court after an arrest by the city sheriff.

They felt that the sheriff had tarnished their names and the court rewarded them $375 million. The money has benefited many immigrants which include Mexican immigrants. The immigrants travel to Arizona to obtain assistance when they are faced with racial discrimination.

Another group that assists the immigrants to get justice is American Civil Liberties Union. The organization is based in Arizona. It was started in 1959 to abolish the laws that were against the rights of minority groups in the society.

One of the achievements of the organization is the removal of the law that prevented multi-racial marriages. It has also challenged the constitutional grounds in which some people have been convicted. The challenge led to the release of many individuals who have been convicted without evidence.

The operations of the group have been enhanced by the financial support it receives from Lacey and Larkin. The organization has also advocated for the freedom of speech of the laborers. The constitution that used to prevent the immigrants from getting equal treatment was challenged by the group.

Additionally, the group was involved in abolishing the “Paper Please” SB 1070, which required the immigrants to be executed by the law enforcement authorities.

Justice That Works is another organization defending the immigrants’ rights. The organization was started by Heather Hamel, and it is involved in ensuring that the communities live in a safe and healthy environment. The group has a radio show that is hosted by Viridiana Hernandez who is immigrants’ lawyer. Read more: Michael Larcey | Facebook

Justice That Works has come up with proposals that require the court to sentence the convicted individuals to corrective justice. The group states the convicted person should be corrected through community services and support groups.

It is against the jail terms which prove to separate the convicts from their families and friends. Instead, the organization proposes that the convicted person should be given an opportunity to improve his or her life. Most parts of Maryvale and South Phoenix benefit from the community support that the group is offering. The communities will be enlightened on how they can transform their neighbourhoods.

The objective can be achieved by adopting better methods of transforming convicted people to good individuals instead of the punitive policing system. The support from Lacey and Larkin has been of great importance to Justice That Works.

The success of many nonprofit organizations is attributed to the helping hand of Lacey and Larkin. The money is used in financing the operations of the organizations.

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