MB2 Dental Solutions: A New Concept of Dental Practice

MB2 Dental Solutions provides solutions for the management and practice of dental care. Licensed dentists fully own the company which provides services that are in the interest of both dentists and their patients. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy: https://www.itriagehealth.com/doctor/dr-akhil-s-reddy-dds-941174/appointments

Dentists face many challenges, and they also have many requirements. The business of MB2 Dental Solutions revolves around providing solutions to these challenges, so dentists completely focus on their patients.

The firm has a partnership with affiliated dentists and practice owners who receive many services at their affiliated offices. The aim is to provide an environment where dentists do not worry about other issues.

MB2 provides its affiliated offices with every type of assistance without having any influence on the autonomy of those offices.

Associated Dentists can take great advantage of the firm’s large network. Dentists receive career opportunities, learning, and mentoring. Dentists learn a lot quicker, develop their skills and move forward in their career when they work at MB2 Solutions’ affiliated offices. MB2 takes care of every non-clinical issue of dental practice.

For dentists, such tasks are confusing and burdensome which consume their precious time and affect their clinical performance.

The tasks are related to procurement, business development, training, recruiting, marketing, billing & collection, IT, compliance, credentialing, accounting & finance, and human resources. According to Rate MDs, MB2 Dental has seventy affiliated offices operating in six different states of the US.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental Solutions are Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He began his dental practice just like all other dentists, but he got frustrated due to issues of both solo practice and group practice. Both models did not suit him. He realized that there is a need for a model which enables dentists to enjoy the benefits and profitability without worrying about other issues of the dental practice.

The vision leads him to found MB2 Dental Solutions in 2009. He wanted to provide a dental practice model which combined the benefits of both solo practice and group practice and eradicate their disadvantages.

The concept was a great success. The firm has over eighty employees now, and the number of their affiliated offices is increasing. The top management of MB2 Solutions has five more people. The Vice President of Business Development is Jake Berry.

The Chief Revenue Officer is Martha Alikacem. The Chief Financial Officer is Mark Fuller who has three decades of accounting and finance experience. The Chief Operating Officer is Justine Caroll, and the President is Justin Puckett.

Bruce Levenson: Legacy Of A Former NBA Owner And Philanthropic Organization Founder

Bruce Levenson and a group of former NBA owners are in the middle of a court battle against their former insurance company, AIG. The dispute started back in June of 2015 after Levenson had decided to sell his shares of the Atlanta Hawks, and the ownership was transferred without any difficulties. But in the midst of the sale Levenson and the other owners opted to terminate General Manager Danny Ferry and buyout his contract, a move that should have allowed Ferry the right to payments from AIG. But AIG has refused to follow through with any agreement and Levenson and the other owners are promising to fight back even if it means a lengthy court hearing process.

According to ESPN, Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks along with their arena back in 2004. Before that he founded United Communications Group (UCG), a well-known technology and industrial newsletter publisher. Levenson is an alumnus of Washington University where he got his degree in journalism, and he also worked as a reporter for the Washington Star, a now defunct newspaper that was based in Washington D.C. Levenson decided to launch his own publishing business in 1977, and he and Ed Peskowitz published “Oil Express” followed by several other newsletters. Their business became so successful that it expanded into other countries and became a dynamic technology news source. UCG also became the parent to TechTarget and GasBuddy, an app for locating low gas prices.

Levenson’s philanthropy has included many inner city programs aimed at higher education for minorities including Hoop Dreams and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. But he also wanted to encourage college graduates going into business to make philanthropy a centerpiece of their work, so he helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Levenson is also on the boards of SEED Foundation, Birthright Israel and BBYO and also is a contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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