The Affluent Lifestyle of Danilo

Danilo Diaz Granados is a successful business man and a true example of the American dream. Since his early days, he was sure that he was destined for greatness and his mission was just starting. He was a bright student and attended Babson College. This is an institution located in Wellesley Massachusetts. He continued studying and was rewarded with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. With the knowledge and expertise acquired, he decided to shift to Miami and start his own empire.

Upon arriving in Miami, Danilo Diaz Granados realised that the Latino community was lacking a luxury boutique that provided fine watches, jewellery, exotic automobiles and contemporary art all under one roof. Based on the luxury concept, he started his company called The TOYS for BOYS Boutique.

TOYS for BOYS’ is well known for throwing unbelievable events. This summer, they orchestrated another mind-blowing event that attracted several affluent guests in Miami. The event was in July and involved exclusive previews, time at the racetrack, fine cuisine, helicopter rides, sunset boat ride and bottles of Dom Perignon. Since its inception in early 2011, Granados has been termed as the guru of throwing many hyper-sensory experiences for his noble guests.

Danilo Diaz Granados explained that he wanted to have a platform where he can offer his visitors their once-in-a-lifetime experiences. He continued that the people of Miami now have a store where they can sample the most extravagant and rare products in life.

The noble guests were hand selected and treated to a warm breakfast at the Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum sales centre. They were then given a personal opportunity to sample the hyped apartments at the upscale Biscayne zone of Miami.

The guests were then treated to a thirty-minute helicopter ride from Dame Zaha Hadid’s to Palm Beach Race Track. Each guest was then allowed to drive through the track at will until satisfaction. They were again brought back via a helicopter ride from Palm Beach Race Track to River Yacht Club. As soon as they landed, they were received with bottles of Dom Perignon champagne followed by exquisitely cooked lunch. The day was then ended with a romantic boat ride.

Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Make A Statement In Fashion


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were two unlikely personalities to begin a fashion startup company. They both had success at a very young age in business. Adam created a gaming company known as Gaming Alliance. He sold it to Intermix for millions of dollars and became a high-ranking executive within the organization. Don had a similar resume. He founded a company called Fitness Heaven and sold it to Intermix as well. Don and Adam quickly became friends and found that they shared the same passions or business. They decided that fashion was a field with great opportunity. Women’s fashion would be tough to conquer. However, the obstacles represented a great opportunity to these two young businessmen who were looking to bring a new element to the retail industry.

JustFab was the concept that Don and Adam created. Their business model was not based on their fashion expertise. JustFab’s unique concept introduced a new way to shop to the retail industry. The company focused on online marketing and e-commerce. Their products are offered through a website that shoppers could join in order to take advantage of tremendous discounts. The product would then be shipped to the customer’s home. The cost for this service was a monthly fee whether the members purchased any of the items. It was a daring concept that quickly caught on. JustFab membership grew rapidly. Don and Adam were forced to adapt by looking to take on investment partners.

Josh Hannah from Matrix was a natural fit to the JustFab team. Josh was known to be a creative business mind who embraced new ideas and looked to push the envelope of the accepted norms. With the help of Josh Hannah JustFab was able to evolve into an international enterprise.

Kimora Simmons was another addition to the JustFab team. Kimora was brought in to lend her fashion expertise to the line of products that were being offered by the JustFab label. Her job was to make sure that the company was producing items that were at the forefront of women’s fashion. Don and Adam knew that they had to put together the right team in order to ensure that such a dynamic business idea reached its fullest potential. The ability to market on television as well as the internet allowed JustFab to avoid several pitfalls. Online Shoppers are known to browse websites for items but not make purchases. JustFab’s unique business model introduced a new concept that allowed them to earn revenue despite inconsistent online shopping habits.