Michael Zomber Makes Headlines by Acquiring Knife Used In John Brown Assassination


Michael Zomber is a renowned armor and antique expert with adequate knowledge about antiques. He first gained recognition in 2003 when he was falsely imprisoned. However, he was exonerated due to his being innocent. The antique specialist has made headlines by acquiring a Bowie knife, considered to be the property of the late John Brown. Furthermore, the knife is believed to contain an inscribed inscription about Brown.


Mr. John Brown was a radical adversary with strong principles. He was a major advocate of armed revolution against the United States. Brown believed his ideology was the only solution for ridding the West of slavery. However, he did not live to see the fruits of his labor, as he was prosecuted and hanged for his controversial ideologies against the South.


A close analysis of the knife reveals crucial details previously unknown by most individuals. For instance, the blade consists of a nickel handle decorated with a pearl and a spear-point tip. Sotheby, a known historian, described the knife as an “incredible item from one of the most horrific periods in American History.” He further explains that the blade represents a moment in history in which he is passionate about. By obtaining information about Brown, the antique expert gets to appreciate a crucial part of America’s history.


Apart from collecting antiquities, he is also a remarkable author and has captured the hearts of American readers. His prominent novels; Sweet Betsy That’s Me and A Son of Kentucky depict the struggles of individuals affected by the Civil War. For instance, the latter describes the lives of rural Americans before the Civil War. More importantly, the main story is expressed through Josiah Johnson, a tobacco farmer who failed to use slave labor during sowing and harvesting. On the other hand, Sweet Betsy That’s Me paints the story of a Civil War survivor that returns home and is recreated through the eyes of a young girl.


Up Close with Michael Zomber


According to his website bio, Michael Zomber is an Illinois University graduate with degrees in Psychology and English. The author credits his wife as a source of motivation and encouragement in the writing field. His earliest screenplays formed the foundation for several narratives. Furthermore, he has produced an excellent documentary titled: The Soul of the Samurai. His vast antique collection consists of items owned by Simon Bolivar and George Washington.

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