Hedge Fund Super Star Kyle Bass Is Betting The Farm Against China’s Currency


Hedge fund managers bet a lot of money because they can. They use other investors’ money and gamble that their assessment of a situation or a change of events is the right one. Kyle Bass, the Dallas-based hedge fund manager, earned his reputation by betting against the house and winning big in 2008. Bass knew enough about the subprime mortgage industry to know it was a house of cards with no foundation. His small investment company, Hayman Capital, was the talk of the investment industry in 2008, but that talk has changed over the last eight years. Bass is on a mission to get his investment mojo back. Bass has placed a large bet against the Chinese yuan. Betting against the Chinese doesn’t sound like a good idea, but once again, Bass believes he has enough information to turn that bet into a fortune for his investors and himself.



Kyle Bass believes that China’s banking system is in serious trouble because of the bad debt on their books. Chinese banks have been generously granting loans for real estate and retail ventures, and many of those loans can’t be paid back for one reason or another. The banks are sitting on billions of dollars in bad debt, and Bass thinks the Chinese government will have to bail the banks out using a sizable chunk of their massive capital reserves. If that happens, the yuan will lose value against the U.S. dollar and the German mark, and Bass will win billions of dollars. But the Chinese say Bass is wasting his money. They plan to control the value of their currency over the next three years.



Bass has been wrong before. He was wrong when he backed Argentina when the country defaulted on bonds held by other hedge funds. And he was wrong when he backed General Motors when they put faulty steering mechanisms and airbags in some of their automobiles. He is wrong now by betting against drug companies using the information he is receiving from Erich Spangenberg, a famous patent troll. If he is wrong about the Chinese yuan, Bass, and his hedge fund may be licking their wounds for years.

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Malini Saba, Woman, CEO, Philanthropist, Investor

Malini Saba, born in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur, grew up in Australia. She took the $200.00 she had and moved to the San Francisco area of the United States with only $200.00 to get by on. She was only 19 years old.

She earned her Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational psychology at the University of Western Australia. She married a student of Stanford University and found she could freely sit in on all university lectures and her favorite choices to attend were the business lectures and those dealing with investments. She also managed to get into investment bankers’ get-together and began to learn and to take their advice. Using her savings, she gradually invested in real estate, telecommunications, and other sectors. Malini was soon to become a top investor who is well respected by her peers.


Malini Saba is not only a shrewd investor, she is also well-versed in business acumen. By 1990, she had become one of the world’s top investors and became Founder, and Chairman of the Board of the Saban Group, a Hong Kong located company with diverse world interests such as United States High Tech, Fuel interests in China, and real estate located mainly in India and Australia. In 2001, Malini became founder and Chairperson of Stree: Global Investments for Women, a Women’s Liberation Organization, dedicated to making improvements in women’s rights and their treatment in many areas of the world. Stree also helps in getting benefits for children and families. Stree provides family counseling for those who need it. Though many laws for women’s rights have been passed, they are still not being enforced and Stree is working hard to rectify that.


Malini has many awards. I will name only a few here: 2001: Named Entrepreneur of The Year by Washington, D. C.’s Business Women’s Network. In 2004, she received the Los Angeles County Mother Teresa

Award, The Kalpana Chawla Outstanding Woman of The Year award for 2005. Also in 2005, she earned the Pratham’s Philanthropist of The Year Award. 2007 brought her the Ambassador of Peace Award from the Federation of Peace.


When her daughter turned six, Malini decided it was time to go home to Australia, where her family lives. To add to her other titles, Malini Saba is now the most recently appointed CEO of Ipswich Chamber of Commerce.


To learn more about Malini Saba visit her Official website.