Nicki Minaj Refuses To Cancel Concert After Plea of Human Rights Foundation

Nicki Minaj is a superstar. She is known for her amazing music and unique beauty. Recently, she was in Africa and going to do a concert in the town of Angola. She went early with her daughter to view the sites before the big show. While there, she received a letter from The Human Rights Foundation and asked her to please cancel her concert. The reason behind the letter was due to the fact that the money used to pay her large fees was being covered by a company called Unitel. The owners and operator of Unitel is Jose Eduardo dos Santos. He is one of the evilest men in that region and is known for bringing corruption to the government. Another big problem is that his company and he personally have violated human rights for decades.

Because this organization is backing the concert, they asked her to cancel her concert in the best interests of the people. His antics are widely known by the people of Africa and many around the globe. The Human Rights Foundation thought that Minaj would cooperate with them. Unfortunately, she continued the concert after being asked kindly to stop it. Her fans certainly see her in a new light now.

The Human Rights Coalition believes that the rights of other should be given the utmost consideration. When a big name star, like Minaj, ignores their pleas, it leaves them with a very different view of the hero worship that goes on in this country. She may have got the proceeds from this concert, but there are many fans that will think twice after reading about her decision to pad her pockets. At the helm of the Human Rights movement is Thor Halvorssen. He was always someone who looked out for the safety and well-being of others.

Born and raised in London, Halvorssen stood up for others even if it meant there was trouble. His parents were also activists and spent time in jail because of it. His mother was killed back in 2004 when she protested in a rally. With all this determination to make a change, he set up an official organization that took the rights of others into consideration. The agency was headquartered in NYC where it has been for decades.

He dedicates most of his life to charitable work, he even wrote two books that describe all the things he’s been through in his life and how it brought him out on top. This Coalition has saved so many people and was worth all of the effort to create such an institution.