A Great Way to Help Those Who Are Still Suffering in Nepal

There are many individuals out there who are concerned about the victims of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. One such individual is Majeed Ekbal. He is especially concerned about the individuals who suffered terribly and who are still suffering because of the earthquake since he has so many friends who live in that country. He has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $1 million for the victims of the earthquake.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

There are many people in the country of Nepal who are still suffering. Thousands of people have been left homeless, while lots of other people are dealing with a lack of food and serious illnesses. It is Majeed Ekbal’s hope that the million dollars he raises will be used with other donations to help relieve some of this suffering. Once the million dollars is raised, he plans to put it in a crowdrise campaign.

Majeed Ekbal has already been donating funds to this campaign. He is an entrepreneur who lives in the Chicago area. He owns the company Espresso Inc. This is a company that provides service to individuals in the area who are busy. Customers can go online and select food items that will be delivered from local stores to their home. He has had success as a business owner. Majeed Ekbal realizes that people can save their valuable time by having grocery items delivered to their home instead of needing to go to large grocery stores and specialty shops in the area. He even offers to send items from local stores to individuals who live in other places in the United States.

Any donation amount will be of help to the individuals who live in Nepal. Majeed Ekbal is especially appreciative of the generous donations that are given by individuals to this fund. He knows that the individuals who benefit from this fund will also appreciate the help with getting proper housing as well as medicine and the food that is needed.