Scott Lumley May Benefit from Nashville’s Strong Real Estate Market

In an article by Joey Garrison published in The Tennessean titled “Nashville property values increasing at ‘historic’ clip,” Nashville is described as a city where neighborhoods are being revitalized and new construction is taking place. Property reappraisals in Nashville’s Metro area occur every four years. In 2013, property values increased by 5.3 percent over 2009, and Davidson County Property Assessor George Rooker expects residential property values to increase by 33 to 37 percent in 2017. This expect jump in residential property values may have an effect on affordable housing because the areas that are seeing the sharpest increase in values are in low-income neighborhoods.

One person who is in a position to take advantage of the increase in property values and construction activity is Scott Lumley. Scott has been a principal member of Resolve Commercial and Resolve Financials since 2010 where he is a commercial developer who purchases and remodels older commercial buildings. In 2005, he started selling merchandise on eBay under the business name of Electronic Depot, Inc. and grew this business to have annual sales of $1.5 million. He also started an e-commerce site offering wholesale deals on electronics called the same year. In 2006 Scott started a B2B wholesale auction site called which was soon renamed

Scott, who was a rodeo champion at one time, has had a lot of success in his life. He is a serial entrepreneur whose keys to his success has a lot to do with being focused and driven, satisfying customers, and having a diverse business portfolio. He will continue to have more success as a commercial developer if the value Nashville’s real estate market increases.

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  1. Then in 2007, Scott became president of an American Basketball Association franchise team called the Nashville Broncs and sold the team a little over a year later at a profit. It must have bee that written was used in the nature to get everything that they want and that will mean so much for them if they understand what is going on too.

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