Brenda Wardle: Analyzing the Oscar Pistorius Trial

In March of 2014, Oscar Pistorius began trial for allegedly shooting and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The South African Pistorius achieved world fame with his victories in the 2012 Paralympic Games. Fans were in awe of this athlete was able to run so well on prosthetic legs. His fame turned to notoriety when he was accused of shooting Steenkamp four times through a locked bathroom door on February, 2013. Pistorius claimed that he thought that Steenkamp was in bed and that the person in the bathroom was an intruder.

The case was held in the High Court of Pretoria and was presided over by Judge Thokozile Masipa. Pistorius was allowed to be out on bail. Earlier, the court had decided that the main parts of the trial could be televised, including the verdict and sentencing. The defense maintained Pistorius’ account that he thought an intruder was in his home and that he acted in self-defense. However, the State countered that whether or not Pistorius knew that his girlfriend was in the bathroom, he was not threatened and that he shot to kill.

Several witnesses came forth and testified that they heard gunshots on the night in question. One witness claimed that he heard a man screaming for help. The prosecution provided circumstantial evidence suggesting that Pistorius was overtly jealous and was subject to bouts of rage which scared his girlfriend.

While many countries would conduct a jury trial in the case of murder, South Africa has yet to re-instate the jury system after it was banned years ago by apartheid. Judge Masipa and two other magistrates ruled that Pistorius was guilty of negligent homicide and illegal possession of a firearm on September 12, 2014.

Pistorius was sentenced in October 2014 for a maximum of five years of prison for negligent homicide, with a possibility of being released early with correctional supervision. His legal team made an appeal and won him freedom for a while; however, the High Court re-examined the evidence and said that Pistorius was actually guilty of murder. Currently, Pistorius is awaiting his fate to see if the South African Supreme Court will hear his appeal.

One of the top legal analysts, Brenda Wardle, covered the Pistorius trial extensively. Wardle is from a prestigious South African family and graduated with three law degrees cum laude. She has reviewed and analyzed several high profile cases in South Africa and is considered one of the top legal minds in South African law.

Brenda Wardle works with other legal experts to help bring better definitions to the laws of their country. She has written numerous legal books and an autobiography. Wardle travels the globe and discusses legal issues that affect her country. She has four adult children and three grandchildren.

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Sanjay Shah and Snoop Dogg Join Forces to Fight Autism

Sanjay Shah is a very successful hedge fund manager living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with his beautiful wife and four children. It would seem that he has no cares in the world, but appearances can be, and often are, deceiving. Shah’s son Nikhil has been diagnosed with autism, and Shah is spearheading an effort to better understand his son’s condition and to search for cures. He has founded a charity to help advance treatment and research for the disease, and for him to more fully understand and help with his son’s condition.
With money comes power and access to the glitterati and Shah sent out pleas for help to various performers in the entertainment industry.
Out of the blue, world famous actor and rapper, Snoop Dogg appeared at the door of the Shah palatial estate in Dubai offering his invaluable help and support, and the collaboration began like an explosion. Soon Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Dogg began playing to invitation only audiences with the proceeds going to support autism research. The charity effort was called Autism Rocks, and the artists gathered together in support of the endeavor, surely, produced great results for both those in attendance and those receiving monies for research. The initial foray was in London, which, happens to be, the site of the charity’s support for research into autism.
Autism is a debilitating medical condition which can often tear families apart. There are drugs which have been developed to treat the symptoms but the causes and cures for autism remain mysterious. The effects on families can be catastrophic, but Shah wants to fully understand his son’s condition so that he and Nikhil will have a positive relationship now and in the future.
Shah, Dogg and the others have founded a campaign. Anyone wishing to know more about autism or the efforts of Autism Rocks can simply get on line to learn or, even, to lend their support to Autism Rocks. It is a very worthwhile charity and well worth the support of everyone. Follow Sanjay Shah on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Helane L. Morrison: A Force To Be Reckoned With

Helane L. Morrison is currently working at Hall Capital as the company’s Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Before taking the prominent roll in 2007, Ms. Morrison headed the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) from 1999 to 2007. While there, Helane was responsible for securities enforcement, litigation and regulatory matters in Northern California and five other states. From 1996 to 1999, Ms. Morrison was Head of Enforcement for the San Francisco SEC office.

She began her career practicing law at the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Her main focus was on business litigation and defense of private securities. Her strong stances and leadership qualities elevated her to partner in 1991. Morrison also has a seat as a prominent member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. She is a frequent speaker on subjects of compliance and legal issues affecting investment advisers and private funds. To view her entire resume, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Morrison is one of the handful of female administrators within the SEC. She has created a reputation as one of the most powerful influences within her ranks. At the 2012 Compliance Forum she places significant focus on false advertising and how important it is to prohibit general solicitation as a registered adviser. Helane calls out one business using unethical practices in the quote below .

She recognizes the need for tighter control with situations like this to keep it fair for potential investors. She preaches the need for more transparency in matters like these and has taken a very strong-willed approach that has created waves.

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Training With The Real Estate Mavericks

No doubt about it, the business environment has changed significantly in the years since the real estate bubble burst and the US economy had a major meltdown following a slow motion stock market crash. The unprecedented downturn in the economy obviously had a major impact on the real estate industry and the way in which realtors do business. The good news is that we are now seeing an upturn in the market, with sales picking up in regions all across the US.

A New Approach To Training

Realtors with a solid background in economics, finance and law as well as a keen sense of marketing have always done well. Another aspect of success in real estate is an emotional intelligence that allows a realtor to connect well with clients during the ups and downs of finding a home. Even with the changes brought into the marketplace by the Internet and the ups and downs of the economy, these factors are still critical to the success of a real estate career.

Real estate coaches today offer training seminars that take new realtors though every aspect of the profession, with the goal of helping to polish up their skills. One approach to training is to put class members into small groups that meet once a week to discuss their sales approaches and their progress. Usually the members are also partnered with another group member so they have a person they can be accountable to as they go through a checklist of sales tasks. What’s been found is that this kind of accountability and partnership makes a huge difference in a realtor’s success. Having partners who can root for and encourage each other is very empowering and is shown to improve the odds for success in this very competitive business.

The Real Estate Mavericks

This company is the brainchild of top luxury realtor Greg Hague, who is an industry veteran with 25 years of success to his credit. Hague’s seminars are becoming much talked about for their unique approach to marketing and sales. It’s Hague’s philosophy that the old tried and true ways of doing business are no longer completely valid, and new approaches must be offered to cut through the competition.

Hague’s seminars take team members through several new strategies that are shown to really give new realtors the edge. His approaches are bold and truly unique, but the proof is in the results, which are highly successful.

Is your firm ready to take on a new approach to sales? If so, contact the Real Estate Mavericks at, today!

A Great Way to Help Those Who Are Still Suffering in Nepal

There are many individuals out there who are concerned about the victims of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. One such individual is Majeed Ekbal. He is especially concerned about the individuals who suffered terribly and who are still suffering because of the earthquake since he has so many friends who live in that country. He has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $1 million for the victims of the earthquake.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

There are many people in the country of Nepal who are still suffering. Thousands of people have been left homeless, while lots of other people are dealing with a lack of food and serious illnesses. It is Majeed Ekbal’s hope that the million dollars he raises will be used with other donations to help relieve some of this suffering. Once the million dollars is raised, he plans to put it in a crowdrise campaign.

Majeed Ekbal has already been donating funds to this campaign. He is an entrepreneur who lives in the Chicago area. He owns the company Espresso Inc. This is a company that provides service to individuals in the area who are busy. Customers can go online and select food items that will be delivered from local stores to their home. He has had success as a business owner. Majeed Ekbal realizes that people can save their valuable time by having grocery items delivered to their home instead of needing to go to large grocery stores and specialty shops in the area. He even offers to send items from local stores to individuals who live in other places in the United States.

Any donation amount will be of help to the individuals who live in Nepal. Majeed Ekbal is especially appreciative of the generous donations that are given by individuals to this fund. He knows that the individuals who benefit from this fund will also appreciate the help with getting proper housing as well as medicine and the food that is needed.

Successes Made by Brad Reifler in His Career

Brad Reifler has been successful both an investor and entrepreneur. The entrepreneur has different companies under his name. He is an alumnus of Bowdin University where he received his economics and political science degree. After his graduation, he started his career by forming his own firm, Reifler Trading Company, in the 1980s according to Wikipedia. The firm dealt with the management of discretionary accounts. Later, it expanded its services to global derivative advisory, institutional research, execution services and information dissemination. The firm prospered and became one of the largest private future operations. Refco Inc, which is considered the largest future operations firm, approached Brad in 2000 and purchased the firm.

At the time of the sale, Brad had another company, Pali Capital, which he had founded in 1995. Pali Capital is a sell side agent that deals with equity markets. Reifler was able to expand hedge funds by using a unique tactic. Instead of advising his clients on the shares to sell or buy, he incorporated his clients’ ideas with research in derivative structures and credit analysis. He then gave traders lessons on how to identify the strategy and execute it. Pali Capital has recorded tremendous success in the thirteen years that Brad has been its chief executive officer. The company opened offices in four continents and hired more than 300 people while making a commission income of $1 billion.

Forefront Capital LLC is another of Reifler’s companies. The firm, which was formed in 2009, has a couple of subsidiaries such as Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory LLC. Brad believes in giving the public unique products in each firm that he incorporates. Reifler has attracted top investment bankers, investment advisers and entrepreneurs to work at Forefront Capital LLC and its subsidiaries.

Every firm founded by Brad has enjoyed immense success. To this end, Brad had to step down as the chief executive officer of Pali Capital In order to spend more time on developing Forefront.

Brad works with highly skilled personnel, many of whom he brags about on Twitter. These personnel have over thirty years of combined experience on Wall Street. He has attracted the respect of diverse business leaders who have enlisted his services. Brad’s hard work ethic has made him a favorite in the investment field. Through his business acumen, Brad has managed to create immense opportunities in the market through Forefront Capital. Various board members of Fortune 100 and 500 firms are among the members of Forefront Capital.

Through Brad’s influence, Forefront Capital has introduced the Forefront Income Trust. The Trust, which is considered an investment with substantial risk, will not be liquidated or listed in any securities exchange platform. Brad wants shareholders to be able to buy or sell anytime they want regardless of the performance of the trust.

Prevent Facebook from Hurting Your Career!

Facebook is as natural a part of our digital lives as our telephone or home computer. In fact, social media like Facebook has become so pervasive that it is almost unheard of to NOT be on the website. This focus on social media in every aspect of our lives, from networking to career aspirations, has given rise to the frequent dilemma: how can I prevent Facebook from hurting my goals? Status Labs, an online reputation management company, has stepped forward with a string of useful tips for users who want to utilize Facebook while never fearing that it will hold them back.

Monitor Your Presence
Facebook, like any other website, is only as effective as the work you put into it. Knowing that your Facebook account will be seen by potential colleagues and bosses should give you all of the incentive you need to keep your profile locked down. Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher strongly suggests that all users take the time to really get a hang on what their digital presence is looking like. This should include a rundown of the sort of content that is public on your page, what is showing up in Google search results, and what you plan to post in the future. A key aspect of having your digital presence dialed in is simply knowing what is already out there.

Post for Your Future
While most people look at Facebook as an opportunity to relax and chat with friends and family, business minded individuals should know the truth. You don’t want to treat your Facebook account like a leisurely activity. Instead, Status Labs suggests that you monitor the sort of audience that you want to attract. Whether you are in a corporate field or an entertainment one, you want to keep your posts in line with the brand you are trying to sell: yourself. A key way to stay ahead of the game and in the sights of potential employers is to keep your posts on message. Focus on details related to your business, brand, or career path and reap the rewards as they come your way.

About Skout And Why It Is The Current Top Mobile Dating App

Since the advent of the internet, things took a change for the best when matters related to communication and socializing are concerned. Mobile applications have also been very influential when matters related to improving the same are concerned. Different applications have different features that are tailored for their different specific purposes.

Online dating is currently on the increase like never before. It is embraced by all ages and races precisely the reason mobile dating apps have been very popular since 2013. According to recent statistics, seven percent of mobile app users have in the past used a dating app on their phone. These apps present the user with numerous benefits including the ability to meet different people from different places through the mobile phone. The applications also speed up the meeting process when compared to other dating platforms.

Of late, mobile dating has become a truly epic social dating experience. Many apps are either belonging to social networking, social dating or social discovery brackets though all of them end up playing a single role; bringing people who are looking for friendship and eventually love together.

Skout is a mobile application that is well known for its role in making people from different parts of the world interact. Initially, it started as a travel app that sought to make it easy for people from different parts of the world make friends with others in cities they intend to visit in future. This feature worked magnificently well and currently, the application is considered by many as the best mobile app when matters related to making it much easier for people from different parts of the world to meet, become friends and date are concerned..

Different with other applications in the same category, Skout has very unique features. For instance, the Shake feature allows users to simply shake their phones when online and as a result, get to know the nearest users who are online at the time. Skout can be be described as a global network that brings together like minded people from more than a 100 different countries of the world. The best thing about the application is the fact that it does not confine itself to only English speaking countries and it is currently available in not less than 17 different languages.

It is also free on both Android and iPhone platforms though a user can upgrade to the paid option for better features. This mobile application has definitely set the standards when matters related to communication, socialization and dating are concerned. It can be described betters as the phenomenal mobile application that played a very big role in setting the standards when matters related to quality are concerned.

How Lawyers Help Clients And Why Ricardo Tosto Is Brazil’s Best

Lawyers play a very integral role in society. They help people solve different legal affairs matters. These professionals play a very integral role in the justice system in instances when they represent clients involved in court cases.

Simply put, lawyers are individuals who have studied law. Before they start practicing law, lawyers must be called to the Bar. Different countries and territories oversee and govern lawyers at their jurisdiction because they are independent and they protect the administration of justice that is aimed at protecting citizens.

Not every lawyer is qualified to represent the client in court. There are those that are endowed with other roles like drafting agreements between two or more parties, settling legal disputes as well as giving advice on different matters and especially those that are business related. In many instances, lawyers who appear in court are referred to as barristers. These individuals have special skills and they know how to appear in court and in the best manner. They have a lot of knowledge about the law, about court procedures and also how to present evidence before a court.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most gifted lawyers Brazil has ever had. He is a well known leader and strategist in the Brazilian law practice who has a lot of experience. He has managed to rise to the top from very humble beginnings. Ricardo Tosto started in a simple law office and went ahead to become partner in the biggest and most experienced corporate litigation firms in the country. In his career, Tosto has been able to defend very many prominent individuals and companies successfully in both the local and international arena. Because of his professional nature, different individuals of different ideologies have benefited from his professional services.

Ricardo Tosto has also been a pioneer in the adoption of different legal mechanisms that have in future become very popular in the country. He has also played a very big role in mentoring young lawyers to becoming partners in his firm and others. Tosto is endowed with overseeing the most important cases in the firm as well as offering innovative strategies that are needed when special problems arise.

How To Make Shopping Online Smarter

Slyce and Toys R Us have joined forces in order to create a better experience for all users. One of fortune 500’s top toy and baby retailer have renewed their contract with Slyce, a 3d visual recognition software system provider. The software is adding a new dimension to online shopping that was never before thought to be possible.

Many retailers have found that a large majority of shoppers will immediately leave a site when faced with products that are not available. Slyce aims to help retailers with this kind of problem by providing assistance with their new kind of software. The software that will be used is able to understand visual images and other bits of information in order to present users with more relevant information.

At the same time, Slyce introduced its new contract, it also introduced this new feature of its company that it calls Slyce Link. The new feature will allow clients of Slyce to provide customers with:
Out of stock Alternatives
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similar to an item

these features will allow customers to view items that are visually similar and not just statistically close. The hopes that presenting more logical alternatives a person will be more reason to pursue an item all the way to its purchase. This new kind of marketing will also help with the frustration of looking for an item only to find many other items that are nothing alike.

Right now the software is in beta testing. Slyce has been working on the software for the last year and is testing it with one of their retailer clients.

Many companies are starting to see the value in image recognition software. It is without a doubt that many more people will begin seeing this sort of technology integrate into our daily lives as software becomes more intelligent.