The Advertising World In Brazil

Brazil is known all over the world for their innovation in advertising. Just the mention of advertising conjure up the best print ads anyone may want to see. These ads have walked away with top prizes at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. To tell you the truth those Brazilians relish in their advertising. As Marcio Moreria, the Vice Chairman and Chief Talent Officer at McCann Worldgroup, and by the way, a native of Brazil sums it up nicely, The Brazilian public is a sucker for advertising. They are in an environment which produce star advertisers.

The areas that are most prevalent for advertising are television, billboards, magazines and electronic media. You will find a lot of ads at sporting events.

The producers of advertising are very popular in Brazil. You will find the entertaining magazines fill with news on the top advertising executives. These people are treated like celebrities. Rumor has it that an advertising executive was throwing in his hat and making a bid for presidency.

In Brazil you will find agencies that have local clients, agencies that became a smashing success within the last decade. Then you have the ad agencies that are very well established such as BBDO, Grey Leo Burnett. Just to name a few.

Then there is Heads Propaganda which was founded in 1989, by Claudio Lourerio. He is also the CEO. This company is privately owned, and is one of the biggest in Rio-de-Janeiro. They indulge themselves into their work and have a very passionate drive. They believe to be the best you have to work very hard at what you term success. All the ideas they come up with are originals. They also get to know their clients in order to work with them most efficiently.

Claudio Loureiro was born in Curitiba. His education took him to University of Pontifica. He won the Colunistas Award in 1997, for best advertising, as one can see, he wears many hats. To his credit he adds associate producer of the film “Rio, I Love you” and a broadway musical “A night with Janis Joplin”.

Then to no one surprise in 2013 he won the CRPcom creation award. Last but not least, he is a member of the Brazilian branch of Young Presidents’ Organization. The gentleman is truly remarkable.

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