Good Lawyers in Brazil

South America’s largest country, Brazil, ranks third among the countries with the highest number of lawyers. This stands at about three million lawyers – including professional, unregistered and student lawyers. Nevertheless, some of the lawyers do not practice within the legal profession.

Here, we explore more about the Brazilian law in general, as well as the Brazilian lawyers. Read on.

Law in Brazil

Owing to the colonial influences, Brazilian law stems from Portuguese Law. Brazil’s independence in 1822 came with the need to create autonomous legal systems as well as to train legal experts. This saw the first law school being established in 1827, in Olinda and Sao Paulo.

Brazilian law draws inspiration from several foreign legal systems. The civil law, for instance, developed from French to German influence. The country’s civil code, passed in 2002, was inspired by the Italian Civil Code, focused on the unification of private law. It is therefore suffice to describe Brazilian law as a hybrid legal system.

Nonetheless, the Brazilian Law borders civil law tradition. The legal system is founded on statues, with the Federal Constitution as the principal law of the country.

Becoming a Lawyer in Brazil

After attaining the Bachelor of Laws degree, one has to meet several other requirements to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil. Specifically, one must pass the Brazilian Bar Examination – OAB Exam or Exame de Ordem

The OAB Exam is administered nationally and comprises two sections. Section one entails 80 multiple choice questions that cover all the compulsory subjects in the Brazilian Legal Education curriculum.

Candidates must score at least 50% to proceed to the second section. The second section requires candidates to focus on one subject based on their preferences – civil law, administrative law, labour law, constitutional law, criminal law, corporate law, or tax law. The section comprises five essay questions, with a 60% pass mark.

After passing the OAB exam, a Brazilian lawyer is free to practice in any legal field including forming companies with other lawyers, drafting legal documents, appearing in all courts, among other legal practices.

Brazilian Lawyers

Brazil boasts of some of the brilliant lawyers in the world. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one such lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto is a renowned Brazilian lawyer with specialization in corporate law and business litigation. The Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie graduate prides of an extensive experience in representing a wide range of clients – from prominent individuals to multinational corporations.


The high number of lawyers in Brazil is partly attributed to the availability of many law schools in the country. If you are facing a legal issue in Brazil, consider engaging a Brazilian lawyer. The lawyer will review your problem and advise you on the best way to deal with it. If the lawyer’s terms of work are satisfactory to you, you can consider signing a retainer agreement.

Your type of legal issue will determine the type of lawyer to hire. For instance, business lawyers handle corporate law or business related issues.

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