The Advertising World In Brazil

Brazil is known all over the world for their innovation in advertising. Just the mention of advertising conjure up the best print ads anyone may want to see. These ads have walked away with top prizes at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. To tell you the truth those Brazilians relish in their advertising. As Marcio Moreria, the Vice Chairman and Chief Talent Officer at McCann Worldgroup, and by the way, a native of Brazil sums it up nicely, The Brazilian public is a sucker for advertising. They are in an environment which produce star advertisers.

The areas that are most prevalent for advertising are television, billboards, magazines and electronic media. You will find a lot of ads at sporting events.

The producers of advertising are very popular in Brazil. You will find the entertaining magazines fill with news on the top advertising executives. These people are treated like celebrities. Rumor has it that an advertising executive was throwing in his hat and making a bid for presidency.

In Brazil you will find agencies that have local clients, agencies that became a smashing success within the last decade. Then you have the ad agencies that are very well established such as BBDO, Grey Leo Burnett. Just to name a few.

Then there is Heads Propaganda which was founded in 1989, by Claudio Lourerio. He is also the CEO. This company is privately owned, and is one of the biggest in Rio-de-Janeiro. They indulge themselves into their work and have a very passionate drive. They believe to be the best you have to work very hard at what you term success. All the ideas they come up with are originals. They also get to know their clients in order to work with them most efficiently.

Claudio Loureiro was born in Curitiba. His education took him to University of Pontifica. He won the Colunistas Award in 1997, for best advertising, as one can see, he wears many hats. To his credit he adds associate producer of the film “Rio, I Love you” and a broadway musical “A night with Janis Joplin”.

Then to no one surprise in 2013 he won the CRPcom creation award. Last but not least, he is a member of the Brazilian branch of Young Presidents’ Organization. The gentleman is truly remarkable.

A Few Interesting Facts You Should Know About Kenneth Griffin

Armed with only a fax machine, a telephone, and a personal computer, Ken Griffin started his journey into trading from his Harvard University dorm and it would later make him one of the most respected names in the hedge fund management arena. The idea to trade was triggered by an article he read on the Forbes magazine and soon after, he had managed to raise not less than $265,000 from relatives and friends for his debut in the career. He would soon invest in installing a satellite link to his dorm and that played a very integral role in saving him from the stock crash market of 1987 from which he made very good money.

Lucky is not the right word to describe Griffin. He was daring and a good at researching. After the first success with hedge fund management, he would soon start another fund and when the two were combined, they were not less than $1 million regarding the capital invested. He profited heavily from both of them and upon graduation, he caught the attention of Frank Meyer, an investor from Chicago who gave him $1 million to invest. He surpassed Frank’s expectations and made more than 60% return on investment.

He founded Citadel in 1990 and is the current Chief Executive Officer. The firm is a big financial financial institution and a leading alternative asset manager. It is also the mother company to Citadel Securities, a respected liquidity provider in the American capital markets. Citadel also houses Citadel Technology, a well-known solutions provider company for invest management companies. Combined, all companies have employees numbering not less than 1250 from all over the world.

Being a wealthy man, Griffin is also a philanthropic man. In the recent couple of months, he has appeared in the news when he donated $50 million to Harvard to help in its student financial program. The donation made news as being the largest from an individual to the institution, and the university went ahead to rename the aid office in his honor. He also wrote a check for $2.5 million to an Illinois Governor candidate for his campaigns.

He is also an active supporter for educational causes that have a strong focus on matters related to educational development. Currently, Ken Griffin’s donations have totaled more than $250 million including both personal and those from Citadel. He is an active member of many business organizations that include the Economic Club of Chicago as well as the Civic Committee of the Chicago Commercial Club.

He is also an avid supporter of civic and cultural institutions in Chicago and is a respected member of the Chicago Art Institute Trustees Board, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art as well as Chicago University. Griffin is also an avid art collector and is respected for his rare and exquisite taste and is well known to buy even the most expensive and unique pieces. He is a good example of an individual who has defied all odds to turn himself into a successful hedge-fund manager and respectable member in society.

North American Spine Spreads Their Services Beyond Dallas

On their Facebook North American Spine has been talking about how they made headlines with their minimally invasive 45 minute spinal surgery, The AccuraScope Procedure. The physicians at North American Spine are spine experts but also have specialized training in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Interventional Pain Management and Neurosurgery. Their techniques include using microscopic incisions and state-of-the-art visualization to ensure the greatest chance of success in their surgeries. These techniques provide their patients with decompression or stabilization of the spine with minimum recovery time with the added bonus of certain outpatient procedures.

With their invasive and advanced AccuraScope Procedure they have been able to treat chronic back pain which in turn eliminates the consistent need of pain medication that can cause severe addiction in some patients. Not only does the procedure help patients avoid costly medications for the rest of their lives they also save them the expense of having to pay for countless doctor visits. In total the over 8,000 procedures completed by board certified surgeons have saved patients an average of $23,190 and has an 82% success rate.

Earlier this week North American Spine has expanded their services to the city of Las Vegas with help from their new partner, Dr. Satish Sharma. Dr. Sharma has a double board certification in Pain Management and Anesthesiology and is also a diplomat of the board of Anesthesiology. His education in medicine began in India, then he completed his post doctoral training in India and the U.S., and proceeded to complete his internship and residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital. After completing his fellowship in pain management he continued to work as an attending for pain management and anesthesiology until 2006 when he came to the Advanced Pain Management Center. He jumped at the opportunity to work for the North American Spine and is excited to help patients with their chronic back pain in the most innovative and minimally surgical way. Dr. Sharma will handle consults and post-ops at the Advanced Pain Management Hospital but will treat patients at Red Rock Surgery Center.

Chief Marketing Officer of North American Spine stated that Dr. Sharma’s skill set are a welcomed addition to the already talented team of board certified doctors. Sharma is ready to help patients with a variety of chronic pain issues and is prepared to handle a multitude of reasons why patients are seeking his help. He shares the goal of North American Spine to treat chronic pain in a comfortable setting with advanced surgical technology and techniques. Sharma agrees that a modern take on chronic pain is a step in the right direction and wants to continue exploring the frontier of advanced minimal surgery, with the AccuraScope carving a new path of minimal spinal surgery, and their commitment to helping communities wherever they may be located.

Why Running One’s Own Business is Best

The best chance a woman or anyone has at success is in running one’s own business. While there are many jobs that offer room for promotions and advancements, the best way for someone to succeed in her career is to run her own business. Women still have to deal with the glass ceiling and other problems in the workforce even in this changing economy. Not only is a woman her own boss or CEO when she starts her own business, but she has no limit as to how much money she can make when she works for herself.

Among the many advantages to running one’s own business is the ability to set and choose one’s own hours. The businesswoman can decide when and in some cases where she works as it depends on the business that she is running. However, even that has its limits. She has to set her hours roughly around the time that businesses are typically the busiest. For one thing, she may not want to work at a time when most businesses are slow. She might wind up getting very little work done. Instead, she may want to do as much work as possible when people are at their busiest.

One businesswoman that has figured out the best way to succeed with her business is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla is very diligent. She is also very influential and is a role model for other businesswomen that are trying to make a name for themselves. She has spent a large part of her career in managerial positions. After that, she has started her own business. Being very experienced with higher level positions, Susan McGalla knows what it is like to be a leader and what it takes to be an effective leader. She runs a business in a way that she likes.

Susan McGalla of the Steelers also knows about some of the common disadvantages that comes with running one’s own business. Fortunately, these disadvantages come at the beginning stages for most businesses. For one thing, while one does make a little more money as a business owner when she is diligent, one also has to work more hours, and may even have to skip days off so that she could build her business. Even a successful business can require that the worker be on call so to speak so that her clients or customers can have their problems solved. However, it is worth it for most people.

Running one’s own business is the best choice one could make due to the freedom and the responsibility that it gives people. When people try to run their own business, even when the business is ultimately a failure the person who attempted to run a business has experienced a change in mindset and has a better understanding as to what it would take to succeed in a business. She may even have a new found respect for other business owners. The only failure on the person’s part would be to give up very quickly.

Jaime Garcia Dias: Brazil’s Most Prolific Author

Brazil has never been short of literary greats. Yet few of them have been as prolific or achieved fame in their youth as Jaime Garcia Dias. Just at a tender age of 15 he had already written his first novel. In the following 15 years he would go on to write 9 other books and at only 45 now he already has 20 books published. That is an amazing accomplishment as it averages publication of one book per year since the beginning of his writing career. If he continues at such an astonishing pace, even for the next 20 years alone, he will certainly go down in history as one of Brazil’s most prolific authors.

Dias has a lot to thank his parents, particularly his father, for these accomplishments. Born to highly educated parents, he was introduced to reading and writing literature at a very young age. His father, Arnaldo Dias, was both an author and a journalist while his mother was a well known architect in Rio de Janeiro. It is, however, his father who played the decisive role in shaping his future career as an author and educationist. His influence on Garcia Dias can be favorably compared to one Joe Jackson had on Michael Jackson or Mozart’s father had on the famous composer.

Like Jackson’s and Mozart’s fathers, Garcia’s father instilled in him not only an enduring love for literature but also a strong work ethic when he was still young. Both of these qualities were to prove instrumental in his later success.

Already well known in literary circles in his mid twenties, he began teaching in a famous Brazilian academy for literature, Carioca Literature Academy. The academy’s aim is to instill passion and skill to young authors in preparation for a career in writing. Having written his first novel at 15, there is no doubt that this was a perfect job for him. Applying himself to the job with characteristic energy and passion, Garcia’s teaching techniques were widely praised for their effectiveness. At only 27 the academy rewarded him by making him its vice president and ten years later he was made its president.

Yet, despite his busy schedule as vice president and later president of the academy, he still found time to write some wonderful books that won him numerous awards and brought him to the attention of wide audiences not just in Brazil but in the whole of South America. The first of the many awards he was to receive was the White Crane award in 2000. This was to begin a long chain of awards he has won with the latest being ABC Award of Brazil literature Prize.

With all these accomplishments as an author at only 45 there is little doubt that Jaime Garcia Dias has been an excellent standard bearer of Brazil’s glorious literature heritage he inherited from his predecessors. When the time for passing on the button comes, Brazil can rest assured that it will be passed on to able authors thanks to his wonderful work as president of Carioca Literature Academy.

Kyle Bass Continues To Flounder

How many times can one hedge-fund manager consistently and egregiously screw up? Kyle Bass is apparently set out to answer this for himself by beating his own personal record. After a loss of 30% of his funds just in the year of 2014, that may be a challenge.

According to an article titled: Kyle Bass: The frantic investments of a desperate gambler, Bass made one large accurate prediction that looks like sheer luck for all of his multiple equally large yet inaccurate predictions following such as a string of repeated predictions about Japan’s economy crashing (we’re still waiting).

Insensitivity to which way the winds are blowing don’t compare to his insensitivity to human suffering, apparently. One of his many television appearances (perhaps in desperation to appear more successful and relevant than he is) involved blaming the dead victims of General Motors’ shoddy workmanship in an effort to buddy up to the company.

Bass also colluded with “notorious patent troll” Erich Spangenberg to short-sell pharmaceutical stocks and challenge their patents using his own poorly-named Coalition for Affordable Drugs. The drugs aren’t so affordable once the slimy scheme causes medical prices to skyrocket, indubitably costing the lives of innocent customers dependent on those drugs or research. Sure, he profits, and one can call these acts a “good” decision from a certain point of view – like Ebenezer Scrooge’s.

They pale in comparison to his cozying up to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina. Despite her own economic decisions causing the nation to default on its national debt twice in just over a decade and her people to suffer, Bass sits squarely in her corner to cheer her on. He went so far as to call a judge “immoral” for ruling that he wasn’t allowed to collect on Argentina’s discounted holdout bond claims.

He finally landed in legal hot water when one of the bigger pharma firms he targeted, Celgene, struck back by charging him and Spangenberg with extortion.

It’s no wonder that he resorted to his underhanded tactics in the first place with all his financial losses and missed guesses (though he hides the exact numbers from prying eyes). Whether or not he’ll continue unfettered or enough push-back will take the wind out of his sails remains to be seen.

Flipora Rebrands, launches Rover

Flipora has been steadily rising in the ranks of Silicon Valley start ups for the past couple of years. Initially Flipora had been founded under the name InfoAxe before moving on to Flipora. Then, with their core focus fully refined, the group decided to move to the name Rover. The name change, which comes at a time when the company is pulling in heavy investor interest, looks to target people who make positive connotations to the brand. Rover is a web browsing companion app that will be available across all major web browsing platforms: handheld devices and desktop/laptop computers. Rover seeks to connect users to creative, quality, content without eve rmaking them work for it.

The Rover system works because of the companies vaunted Discovery Engine. The Discovery Engine is an AI based algorithm that runs in the background of your web browsing experience. As you browse the internet, like normal, your search history is uploaded into the cloud. Once in the cloud the data is indexed along with all of the other users who are integrating the system into their browsing experience. Much like Amazon’s “Recommended for users who liked ____”, Rover will churn out content suggestions by pulling data from other users. So if a frequent visitor of a football forum ends up going to a specific niche NFL site, then that suggestion will find its way to the end user.

Rover has already found some huge investments from major players in the tech world. We’ve seen the founder of Google Adsense, executives at Microsoft and Facebook, and even a few other data mining companies get involved. Rover has managed to raise big money recently, in the form of $3 million via capital investments, and the team of developers will look to leverage it into a big expansion into the mobile market. With more people becoming hooked to browsing on their mobile devices, iOS or Android, this expansion could pay big dividends for the still growing company.

Going from Flipora to Rover is a big move for a company that seems to have an acute sense of what their identity is. The initial Flipora system relied on users literally ‘flipping’ through content pages. As we are further removed from physical magazines, this simply was an outdated concept. The Rover system looks to hone in on the idea that there are machines and programs out there to bear the heavy lifting for the users.

The Love of the Message


When Marc Sparks spoke on a recent blog Click here. of his about how people may think there are two reasons why someone would want to write a book,those being money and ego, I can’t help but agree with him that money is not a good motivation. For one, there is no guarantee that all of the hours a person labors over the drafts will be reimbursed, even if I wish that were the case.

I also agree with Marc Sparks that the ego component is definitely more of a pull for a writer, but I, too, think that there is really a third option for why someone would want to write a book and put themselves through the aggravation of struggling for just the right words even while letting their dinner get cold and keeping their midnight oil burning. What could this third reason be? Marc Sparks calls it giving back. I call it love.

It is the writer’s love for his or her message and the writer’s love for humanity at large which may drive the crazy desire to reach inside one’s soul and pull out the inner most workings of one’s mind and heart. This love is expressed through the desire to share what one knows with those who need to know it, too.

In Marc’s case, this sharing is to the entrepreneurs out there who need to know that perseverance is key and that getting back up and licking one’s wounds to keep fighting another day for the dream of building a business can eventually pay off like it did for him. Love makes the world go round, and love makes one want to share the message in one’s soul. This giving back kind of love can then light the fire in the heart of the reader, and that person can then have their soul’s flame stoked and eventually give back.

This is the kind of motivation that makes someone take on the seemingly insane task of writing a book. Marc is right. The best reason I can think of to get one’s message down on paper (or in computer pixels) is to give back the kind of insight that others have given to you. It’s not about the money. It’s not about the ego for the called. It’s sharing the love of what you know.

The Perfect Dog Food for Fred

I was looking for the perfect dog food for my puppy, Fred, when I found Beneful. I had tried different brands of dog food, but they were never really the perfect fit. Beneful is a great product made from real food that is still in a modest price range. Although I would spend as much as I had to for dog food, I’m really glad that I don’t need to. I’m really happy that I found Beneful, and know that we will use it for life.

Fred is a pug mix, and the breed tends to be on the overweight side naturally so I try to keep his weight down. Because I was afraid of Fred becoming overweight, I wanted a food that would give my puppy the energy that he needed without having to feed him a lot of food. Even though the breed has a natural tendency to be on the chunky side, I feel that it is unhealthy for a dog to be overweight. Pugs also tend to be lazy and have a propensity to avoid exercise. I also live in a warmer climate, so walking the puppy outside can be dangerous during the summer months. I was really worried about keeping my little guy healthy, but I was determined.

When I first brought Fred home as a three month old puppy, he already had weight issues and needed to be on a diet from the start. At first we were on an Iam’s puppy food, but Fred just didn’t seem to be satisfied with it. He always seemed to want more, and still didn’t have the energy levels that I wanted him to have. He would have bursts of playful energy, but if he took a walk around the block he would be exhausted. Although I felt that the Iam’s food was nutritional, I also felt that it wasn’t the right fit for us.

We tried a Blue Buffalo dog food, but had the same issues. I then switched Fred to Purina’s Beneful dog food and everything changed. Fred seems satisfied with the amount of food that I give to him, and his energy levels are much higher that with Iam’s or Blue Buffalo. Fred has lost weight and is now at a healthy level. Even though he eats less Beneful than he did of other brands he has way more energy and is more excited to go play and exercise than he was in the past.

We are both very happy with Beneful. It is nutritious and made from great food, and we both love it. I enjoy Fred even more now that he is more playful, and we are both happy that we have found the perfect food for us in Beneful.

The History And Operations Of BMG Bank In Brazil

The History of BMG Bank In Brazil

BMG Bank was founded in 1930 by the Pentagna Guimarães family, a family well known for its history and early involvement in the Brazilian financial markets. BMG stared out a private commercial bank that serviced both individual customers and companies with deposit accounts, investments and loans. In 1971, the bank formed a separate division that was focused solely on providing financing, investments and credit to its customers. 1973 saw BMG Bank cease its retail banking operations. BMG closed its deposit and checking accounts and instead focused on providing loans to consumers and businesses. In 1976 BMG Bank created BMG Leasing. The bank was now focusing its efforts to providing financing for the purchase of vehicles for private individuals and companies in Brazil. The bank quickly establishes itself as one of the top financiers for vehicle purchases in Brazil.

In 1985 BMG absorbed Brasilinvest Banco Comercial S.A and once again offered commercial banking services to clients such as checking and deposit accounts. 1998 saw BMG shift its focus to providing payroll loans to government workers in Brazil. In a span of only seven years BMG Bank quickly established itself as one of the leading payroll loan providers in Brazil by 2005. In 2011 BMG Bank expanded operations with the acquisition of two banks GE Money and Banco Schahin. 2012 saw the creation of an independent bank in partnership with Itaú Unibanco that would only provide and manage payroll loans in the Brazilian market. The partnership proved to be extremely successful and the new joint bank partnership has seen record levels of payroll loans.

BMG Bank Operations Today

Today BMG Bank offers a wide array of services. It remains a leader in providing payroll loans for government workers on the local, state and federal level through Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A. Commercial banking services such as checking accounts, personal loans, and investments are offered by the company for both individuals and small businesses. The bank also provides financing for vehicles, home equity loans and capital for medium and large companies.

Marcio Alaor’s Contributions To BMG Bank

A critical figure in the success and expansion of BMG Bank is current vice president and director of BMG, Marcio Alaor. Marcio has worked for the company since 1977 and has amassed more than 30 year of management experience at BMG Bank during his tenure with the company. He was appointed control executive director of the company in 1999 and under his guidance BMG Bank continues to diversify it assets, limiting risk and increasing profits through conservative investment policies. Marcio Alaor holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in business administration and is poised to lead BMG Bank through an increasingly global financial market.