Eucatex Success in Brazil’s Wood Market

Brazil’s economy has been steadily on the rise over the years. Its industries have been on the forefront of ensuring that it remains on the map as one of the emerging industrial nations in the world. Industrial giants like Eucatex have led the way and set standards for the other industries in Brazil to follow.

Eucatex was started in 1951 as a fiberboard manufacturing company. It has expanded its operations to being the major industry player in the wood industry in Brazil. Its employee population of over 2000 ensures that its four modern plants in Sao Paolo run efficiently and seamlessly.

The wood corporation has seen it take a significant stride in expansion strategies under the leadership of CEO Flavio Maluf. He is the son of former country’s political leader and business mogul Paulo Maluf. As a business family, Flavio has upholder the Maluf name by steering the organization to the success it is enjoying today as a leader in the wood industry in Brazil.

Although Eucatex is a major producer of timber products, it is in the forefront of advocating for the preservation of the environment by offering mitigation to the environmental degradation. Its new strategy of building environmental friendly building blocks has made it a dear to many in the country. It has championed the production of thin panels as an alternative to blocks. Eucatex culture of preserving the environment shows how the organization’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility strategy. The goal of getting the alternative thin panels is to reduce the effects of pollution by deforestation. Its research is finally paying off as the major players in the industry have started embracing it. This has seen other organizations in the neighboring South American countries adopt the same strategy. It will be a no brainer for Paulo Maluf to expand to these countries as they are already aware of the concept of thin panels. Mr. Maluf has also become a major exporter of wood products to the European market.

In conclusion, Eucatex has been successful in its operation as a valuable wood producer due to its corporate social responsibility. The organization’s research has seen it expand its operations from Brazil to become a major exporter of timber products around the world. This is very commendable especially in the face of everybody criticizing deforestation for its detrimental effects on the environment.

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