Heads Propaganda: Marketing and Advetising

Heads Propaganda is one of the top 20% marketing and advertising agencies in Rio De Janerio. Their philosophy is that hard work and achievement comes from commitment, passion, originality, and extensive knowledge in various topics. Heads Propaganda offers ‘’unlimited advertisement’’ according to the extensive seasons and the continuous needs well beyond the advertisement. They are well known to be connected to a converging and competitive communication environment. Heads Propaganda believes original ideas are the best way to create long lasting relationships between client and agency, but especially between brands and consumers.

Cláudio Loureiro, CEO of Heads Propaganda, Brazilian advertising executive and entrepreneur, was born in Curitiba. He is currently the CEO of Heads Propoganda. He studied Law at University Pontífica of Paraná. He also has a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. In 1997, he won the Colunistas Award as the Best advertising professional of the year. In addition to his world class advertising talents, he also was one the associate producers of the film Rio, I Love You.

In addition, Loureiro played a big role in launching Canadian Solar operations in this emerging market by establishing key customer and partner relationships with the ultimate goal to expand the company’s proven record of success in the Americas.

Loureiro also pitched in with Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: CSIQ). This organization is one of the world’s largest solar companies. As a leading provider of ingot, wafer, solar cell, solar module and other solar applications, Canadian Solar designs, manufactures and delivers solar products and solar system solutions for on-grid and off-grid use to customers worldwide. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Canadian Solar provides reputable premium quality, cost-effective products and environmentally friendly solar solutions to support global environments.

In more recent news, Loureiro was a guest speaker at TEDx in 2011. Then a few years later, Loureiro won the CRPcom creation award in the category of social responsibility in 2013.

Kyle Pass Trips Up From Time to Time

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager who became famous after he made a correct prediction on the subprime mortgage crisis. The prediction came true and a number of companies were ready for the outcome. He made a fortune for himself and his Hedge fund firm, Hayman Capital Management, which is based in Dallas. His status was elevated and he became the sensation who was right in his predictions.

However, it did not take long for his magical touch to start dwindling. He has since then made one bad business call after another. The sad part is that he has done it all in the full view of the media. With every invitation to attend TV shows, Kyle has continuously made wrong analysis on issues pertaining to the economy. Besides, Kyle has openly made an alliance with Argentinean despot Christina Fernandez who everyone believes is economically illiterate. He has defended Christina’s poor decisions that have only escalated the economic problems in Argentina. His advice have created much public outcry, as his conclusions on various economical aspects are biased and not truthful.

Bass was born in Miami, Florida in 1969 September 7th.His father was the Fontainebleau manager before relocating to Dallas, Texas .Bass received an academic and diving scholarship from Texas Christian University where he graduated with an undergraduate in Business Administration. At the university, Bass majored in Finance and Real Estate. He worked at Prudential Securities then moved to Bear Stearns where he was as Senior Managing Director.

UsefulStooges writes about a time when Bass caused uproar when he blamed the public for the fatalities caused by the defective power steering and airbags manufactured by General Motors. Bass was quick to direct the blame to the users of the cars. He claimed that the users were careless in their driving and that they failed to wear seat belts. It has been said that the company was aware of the defects in the cars but did nothing about it. There are also his business ties to Chris of the American Sniper, ties that led to the lawsuit between Taya, Chris’s widow and one of his workers at Hayman.

Besides controversy on his opinions regarding economic affairs, Bass’s name has been mentioned in instances of fraud. In their schemes, Bass and Erich Spanenberg target a number of pharmaceutical companies. They short sell their stocks. The duo later challenges the patents of these pharmaceutical companies using the Coalition for Affordable drugs, which is a front organization. The stocks go down and the pair makes quick millions while the companies escalate their prices, thus cutting out medical research funds.

Bruce Levenson, the businessman and NBA team owner

Bruce Levenson was born to a Jewish family. He grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Later on, he attended college at Washington University in St. Louis. He then proceeded to law school at the American University where he graduated. Bruce also pursued a career in journalism while in law school with the Washington Star. In the year 1977, Bruce, along with Ed Peskowitz co-founded United Communications Group. The company was started in Levenson’s apartment. They then went on to publish a newspaper called, Oil Express, which focused on the developments in the oil industry. UCG is a private information company and it specializes in data, new, healthcare analysis, energy, mortgage banking, telecommunications, technology, just to name a few. UCG also owns and operates Gas Buddy.

In the year 2004, Levenson and Pestowitz became partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. They are a group of businessmen who collectively own the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team. The purchase also initially included the NHL team called the Atlanta Thrashers which was later sold in the year 2011. Levenson was the team’s managing partner and also a member of the NBA board of governors. In 2012, Levenson then hired Danny Ferry, who previously played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, then later became the Cavaliers general manager and later the vice president of operations for the San Antonio Spurs. Levenson hired Danny as the Hawks general manager.

In 2014, Levenson, his wife, and Irene Boyarsky, his mother in law, accompanied the basketball team and staff to the U.S Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. Irene Boyarsky, happened to be a holocaust survivor. Levenson then told the team about the things that Irene had experienced during the time of the holocaust. Along with his many activities and engagements, Levenson is also a great philanthropist. He is one of the founding donors of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, which teaches inner city children the lessons of the holocaust, and trains them as tour guides. He is also a participant in other philanthropic organizations such as the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and Hoop Dream Foundation.

Later on in 2014, Levenson announced his plans to sell his share of the ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks. Several months later the remaining owners agreed to sell their share of the franchise. In April of 2015, the sale of the Atlanta Hawks was led by billionaire equity and investment fund manager, Anthony Ressler. Ressler’s group included, former NBA player, Grant Hill, Jesse Itzler, the co-founder of Marquis Jet, Michael Gearon Jr., and other investors. The Atlanta Hawks sold for $850 million.

In conclusion, Bruce Levenson, businessman and NBA team owner has made a great impact in society.  He and his wife, Karen, own homes in Atlanta, as well as in Potomac, Maryland. They have three sons.

Eucatex Success in Brazil’s Wood Market

Brazil’s economy has been steadily on the rise over the years. Its industries have been on the forefront of ensuring that it remains on the map as one of the emerging industrial nations in the world. Industrial giants like Eucatex have led the way and set standards for the other industries in Brazil to follow.

Eucatex was started in 1951 as a fiberboard manufacturing company. It has expanded its operations to being the major industry player in the wood industry in Brazil. Its employee population of over 2000 ensures that its four modern plants in Sao Paolo run efficiently and seamlessly.

The wood corporation has seen it take a significant stride in expansion strategies under the leadership of CEO Flavio Maluf. He is the son of former country’s political leader and business mogul Paulo Maluf. As a business family, Flavio has upholder the Maluf name by steering the organization to the success it is enjoying today as a leader in the wood industry in Brazil.

Although Eucatex is a major producer of timber products, it is in the forefront of advocating for the preservation of the environment by offering mitigation to the environmental degradation. Its new strategy of building environmental friendly building blocks has made it a dear to many in the country. It has championed the production of thin panels as an alternative to blocks. Eucatex culture of preserving the environment shows how the organization’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility strategy. The goal of getting the alternative thin panels is to reduce the effects of pollution by deforestation. Its research is finally paying off as the major players in the industry have started embracing it. This has seen other organizations in the neighboring South American countries adopt the same strategy. It will be a no brainer for Paulo Maluf to expand to these countries as they are already aware of the concept of thin panels. Mr. Maluf has also become a major exporter of wood products to the European market.

In conclusion, Eucatex has been successful in its operation as a valuable wood producer due to its corporate social responsibility. The organization’s research has seen it expand its operations from Brazil to become a major exporter of timber products around the world. This is very commendable especially in the face of everybody criticizing deforestation for its detrimental effects on the environment.