Discovering Evolution of Smooth

When you think of the colder weather ahead, you’re likely planning on sweaters and boots, but what you’re forgetting is the inevitable chapped lips that occur every winter. It can be hard to find a reliable lip product that you can use all winter with confidence, knowing that they will maintain your soft lips. Then you have to consider that you want a trusted brand at a fair price. So you’ve probably heard of the basic brands like Chapstick and Blistex, but have you looked into Evolution of Smooth, or EOS? If you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat.

 EOS lip balm is a brand that has all natural ingredients and is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy soft lips. EOS can be found at many drugstores throughout the United States, and at stores like Walmart, Target and online retailers eBay and more. Evolution of Smooth prides itself on being a company that is not only gluten-free but hypoallergenic. They are also dermatologist tested, so you know that ingredients are safe for anyone concerned about what’s inside an EOS lip balm. EOS is a small spherical pod filled with lip balm and comes in many flavors and colors. It sticks out in a group of other lip balms. Not only that, but they tend to stay around three dollars per piece which is more than reasonable.

If you’re looking for reliable lip care this winter, you can turn to EOS lip balms, as they are effective, decent in price and natural. EOS also offers other products like hand and body cream and shaving cream that also contain beneficial ingredients. What are you waiting for? Invest in some EOS today! Visit the website, Also check out:


Hedge Fund Super Star Kyle Bass Is Betting The Farm Against China’s Currency


Hedge fund managers bet a lot of money because they can. They use other investors’ money and gamble that their assessment of a situation or a change of events is the right one. Kyle Bass, the Dallas-based hedge fund manager, earned his reputation by betting against the house and winning big in 2008. Bass knew enough about the subprime mortgage industry to know it was a house of cards with no foundation. His small investment company, Hayman Capital, was the talk of the investment industry in 2008, but that talk has changed over the last eight years. Bass is on a mission to get his investment mojo back. Bass has placed a large bet against the Chinese yuan. Betting against the Chinese doesn’t sound like a good idea, but once again, Bass believes he has enough information to turn that bet into a fortune for his investors and himself.



Kyle Bass believes that China’s banking system is in serious trouble because of the bad debt on their books. Chinese banks have been generously granting loans for real estate and retail ventures, and many of those loans can’t be paid back for one reason or another. The banks are sitting on billions of dollars in bad debt, and Bass thinks the Chinese government will have to bail the banks out using a sizable chunk of their massive capital reserves. If that happens, the yuan will lose value against the U.S. dollar and the German mark, and Bass will win billions of dollars. But the Chinese say Bass is wasting his money. They plan to control the value of their currency over the next three years.



Bass has been wrong before. He was wrong when he backed Argentina when the country defaulted on bonds held by other hedge funds. And he was wrong when he backed General Motors when they put faulty steering mechanisms and airbags in some of their automobiles. He is wrong now by betting against drug companies using the information he is receiving from Erich Spangenberg, a famous patent troll. If he is wrong about the Chinese yuan, Bass, and his hedge fund may be licking their wounds for years.

Picking The Right Hair Mousse

Today women want to have hair that has body. Limp hair that lacks volume can be highly unattractive and make her feel badly. She needs the right kind of hair product to help overcome this issue. She needs her hair mousse. Hair mousse is a product that will truly nourish her locks and help them have balance and bounce. Choosing the right hair mousse can make all the difference when it comes to having the hair she really wants when she wants it. Many kinds of hair mousse on are on the market right now. Picking the right one can be hard.
Beautiful Hair

All women want hair mousse that will give them body and help their hair look really beautiful. This is why those at Wen by Chaz know how important it is to find a mousse that a woman feels comfortable each day. Their hair mousse is made to offer the body that women need to have on hand at all times for much better looking hair. They want her to have hair mousse that can be used quickly and will not leave hair looking and feeling heavy. They also want her to have hair mousse that is about easy styling as well.

Very Easy To Use

The hair mousse offered by WEN by Chaz is one that does not require anything but wet hair. A woman can wet her hair, add a bit of mousse to it, and then watch as she has the kind of results she wants. The mousse offered by Wen By Chaz has been specifically and carefully created in order to offer mousse that will work and will work quickly and without any problems. The mousse fits in her hair and fits in her day, letting her get hair with lots of body. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online via Amazon. Visit for more info.


Malini Saba, Woman, CEO, Philanthropist, Investor

Malini Saba, born in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur, grew up in Australia. She took the $200.00 she had and moved to the San Francisco area of the United States with only $200.00 to get by on. She was only 19 years old.

She earned her Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational psychology at the University of Western Australia. She married a student of Stanford University and found she could freely sit in on all university lectures and her favorite choices to attend were the business lectures and those dealing with investments. She also managed to get into investment bankers’ get-together and began to learn and to take their advice. Using her savings, she gradually invested in real estate, telecommunications, and other sectors. Malini was soon to become a top investor who is well respected by her peers.


Malini Saba is not only a shrewd investor, she is also well-versed in business acumen. By 1990, she had become one of the world’s top investors and became Founder, and Chairman of the Board of the Saban Group, a Hong Kong located company with diverse world interests such as United States High Tech, Fuel interests in China, and real estate located mainly in India and Australia. In 2001, Malini became founder and Chairperson of Stree: Global Investments for Women, a Women’s Liberation Organization, dedicated to making improvements in women’s rights and their treatment in many areas of the world. Stree also helps in getting benefits for children and families. Stree provides family counseling for those who need it. Though many laws for women’s rights have been passed, they are still not being enforced and Stree is working hard to rectify that.


Malini has many awards. I will name only a few here: 2001: Named Entrepreneur of The Year by Washington, D. C.’s Business Women’s Network. In 2004, she received the Los Angeles County Mother Teresa

Award, The Kalpana Chawla Outstanding Woman of The Year award for 2005. Also in 2005, she earned the Pratham’s Philanthropist of The Year Award. 2007 brought her the Ambassador of Peace Award from the Federation of Peace.


When her daughter turned six, Malini decided it was time to go home to Australia, where her family lives. To add to her other titles, Malini Saba is now the most recently appointed CEO of Ipswich Chamber of Commerce.


To learn more about Malini Saba visit her Official website.

Securus Technologies Saves Millions For Correctional Facilities

ConnectUs Automated Forms is a way of filing forms that doesn’t require printing, physical cataloguing, or the hours of work which accompany the expensive resources involved in those old means of organization. Instead, with ConnectUs, inmates can simply fill out forms digitally, and monitor their progress remotely as per their access privileges given by the administration of whichever facility they’re part of.

ConnectUs Automated Forms is exceptionally customizable. It has a myriad of applications which can be uniquely designed to fit the needs of a given operation. The forms it covers range from those in medical areas of operation to sign-up forms and those which are involved in grievances, complaints, or other related documentation.

Securus Technologies is the organization which has put together this innovative new platform. It makes sense that it would come from them, as Securus is an industry-leader in the field, and has been for years. Starting in 1986, Securus has expanded to provide services to some 2,500+ correctional facilities across the United States. Between those facilities, some 1.2 million inmates regularly use Securus technological solutions.

Approximately 13.8 complaints and grievances forms are filed per inmate per month. If only 5 min are spent on each of those forms, that’s an hour per form per year. Corrective facilities are overcrowded today, and usually have 100+ inmates. In some cases, it is not uncommon to find a facility with a thousand or more inmates. A thousand inmates each filing 13.8 forms a month at 5 minutes a form will ultimately produce 13,800 hours of paperwork. At a $20 value per man hour devoted this direction that comes to $276,000. ConnectUs Automated Forms could almost completely eliminate that opportunity cost. Across the 2,500+ facilities they work with, those savings will definitely be in the millions by the time ConnectUs has been fully deployed.

Going Above and Beyond

Good customer service is more than just giving the customer the very basics of what they are needing or wanting. This type of customer service is giving your customer more than just what they were expecting out of you. That is the type of service that David Osio is leading his company in displaying for their customers.

David Osio is both the founder and the CEO of Davos Financial Group. He is very well known for leading the company with regards to the customer service expectations and the overall excellence that he expects from everyone within the company. David Osio understands that for the financial industry there has to be a large amount of trust and confidence between the company and the customer to succeed.

Many people have concerns about the financial industry since the economic collapse. For any business within the financial industry, it is very difficult to become successful and to gain the long term trust of their potential clients. The company that manages to be successful puts in a lot of work and dedication to making sure that their clients are happy and completely satisfied with what is being offered by the company. Davos Financial Group has done exactly that.

The app that was recently developed by the company is a great example of a company that is going above and beyond to serve their customers in the best way possible. This app was designed to estimate the price of potential rent for a property that would best suit the customers needs, wants and their price range. This gives the customers more control and allows them to be involved in a way that was not possible before the design of this app.

This kind of dedication is why David Osio is such a remarkable individual. His dedication to his business is demonstrated through this care and concern for all of his customers. This new app is a step in a new direction for his financial company and will be just the first step that Davos Financial Group takes to meet the needs and the expectations of their customers.

Follow Osio – @davidosio1

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Hair care for Healthier and Fuller Hair

the dream of many women is to have long healthy hair that is full of volume. However, a lot of hair care products make this very difficult. A lot of companies dump a lot of chemicals into their products that will cause a lot of damage to the hair. As a result, it becomes very hard to style the hair. Many women wake up to a bad hair day because of all of the chemicals they put into their hair. Fortunately, there is an alternative to the shampoo and conditioners that ruin their hair. This product comes in the form of a multitude of formulas in one.
This product is called WEN hair by Chaz. It is said to restore the hair to a healthier state. This makes the hair a lot shinier as well as fuller in volume. This product line is made from natural sources. There are no chemicals that could damage the hair. As a result, many people are finding it easier to style their hair and get it to look the way they want it to. They don’t have to tie it up in a ponytail or hide their hair.

A lot of women that used this product has found that they got some shininess back to their hair. Among the people that used this product is a woman who has reported the results on Bustle. She has overall found it to be a satisfying product. She has noticed that there was a difference in the condition of her hair. Other people have noticed and complimented her on it as well. Therefore, she has concluded that the product has some worthy aspects to it. Wen hair by Chaz has definitely proven itself to be a worthy product to check out in the hair care category. Chaz Dean has shown that he is very knowledgeable about hair. The products are sold online via Amazon, in Sephora cosmetics and a number of select retail stores.

Visit the Wen hair website for more info.

How One Company Helped Their Online Reputation By Looking Within

Status Labs is an Austin, Texas-based online reputation management firm. Founded by Darius Fisher in 2012, they arrived during a time of substantial growth in online social media, and a time when many users were still unaware of the potential dangers associated with putting their entire lives online.

As the consequences of such activities began to become clearer and clearer, companies like Status Labs stepped in and helped businesses combat the negative reputation that some of them were acquiring because they found themselves unable to properly maintain their image across the entirety of the internet. They’ve helped more than a 1,000 businesses turn their reputations around.

Recently, however, Status Labs found themselves facing the very problem that their clients came to them with.

Status Labs co-founder Darius Fisher recently spoke about an ironic problem that his company faced as Status Labs came under fire by some online users over the nature of their services and the negative actions of a recent executive that threatened to undo the company’s works.

In response to this, Status Labs decided to open themselves up to the world by letting everyone know that their employees were also upset by the actions in question. To help emphasize their stance on the matter, Status Labs uploaded a staff photo along with their public statements in order to put a face on the company that typically based their reputation on their services.

Following that, Status Labs decided to look inwards by focusing on improving the quality of their employees’ lifestyles via implementing stock options, catered lunches and expanded employee outings. Not only that, but the company took greater steps to ensuring that their future hires fit into perfectly to the new environment they were fostering.

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VTA Advisory, Jim Hunt Introduces Wealth Wave Strategy

Jim Hunt, Financial Advisor at VTA Publications Ltd. recently introduced the Wealth Wave Strategy. The strategy identifies indicators when the market and profits are declining. Hunt compares it to a surfer riding a wave all the way to success even when the economy is troubled. It requires years of experience to learn about international markets and investments. VTA Publications and Jim refers the Wealth Wave strategy as riding the wave when he realized that all investors are capable of earning profits on their invested capital when there is an economic downturn.

According to PR Newswire (July 25th, 2016), Hunt stated it’s all about timing and in the events of market crisis, investors’ money isn’t a complete loss. Investment and financial advisory professionals study the markets and help investors protect their invested capital by transferring funds to profitable offerings. The Wealth Wave strategy is something hedge fund managers implement when millions are invested into certain funds. They normally wait out economic storms in hope that the economy will recover within a certain timeframe. With some investment funds the investor may simply transfer investments to other securities or commodities.

VTA Publications Ltd was formed in 2012, in the United Kingdom as a provider of stock market information and publications, including DVDs and series of webinars. Financial Advisor, Jim Hun teaches investors how to earn profits in the stock market and when to trade stocks. He and VTA specialists help during the entire process of trading. VTA is a non-fictional publication offering products, including the Latest Seminar Recording and How to Trade Stocks.

Jim Hunt specializes in economics and financial, and shares his knowledge through videos and webinar. VTA offers much information pertaining to retirement, stock market, and financial planning. The VTA team and Jim are there to educate their clients and walk them through the trading process.

Why Shaygan Kheradpir’s Tenure Will be of Benefit to Coriant

Telecommunications expert, Shaygan Kheradpir made headlines in 2014 due to his short but eventful tenure at the helm of Juniper Networks Inc. This was before he was appointed as Coriant’s Chief Executive Officer and President. Mr. Kheradpir replaced Pat DiPietro, was appointed vice chairman. The VP was also made Marlin Equity Partners’ operating partner. This is Coriant’s parent firm. It formed Coriant by amalgamating a division of Sycamore Networks, Tellabs and Nokia.

Many have thought that by assuming Coriant’s headship, Kheradpir was taking a leap of faith. This is however a false notion since he has been working behind the scenes with the firm’s top management for more than a year before his appointment. This appraised him with the operations of the firm. Besides this, he is a proven business and technology expert, with nearly 30 years of experience.

Dawn of a New Era

While welcoming his successor, DiPietro, expressed his delight at leaving the company in the hands of a trusted and recognized industry leader. He further added that the appointment heralds a fruitful era for the company, its clients and its investors. Mr. Kheradpir’s strategic insight will be crucial to Coriant’s growth. Kheradpir sole focus at the moment is spearheading Coriant’s growth. He has already outlined key strategic areas, which need a massive overhaul. This will help the firm to create a niche for itself in the highly competitive industry.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Résumé

The business and technology expert has had an exceptional career spanning nearly three decades. He graduated from the prestigious Cornell University and is an engineer by profession. In the course of his career, he has worked at some of the most renowned global corporations. He started his career at GTE Corporation, where he distinguished himself for his attention to detail. This saw him move up the ranks to occupy an executive position within a short time.

Shaygan has similarly worked at Verizon as the company’s head of information, he led a team that streamlined the firm’s operations. He later worked at Barclays as its head of technology and chief operations officer. His proactive leadership style saw him modernize operations through the implementation of a transformational program. Kheradpir has also worked at Juniper Networks and Marlin Equity Partners. Besides his executive roles, he is an avid publisher with tens of publications under his name. He has links to the Young Men Christian Association, his Alma Mata, Cornell University, and the National Institute of Science and Technology.

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