The CEO of Madison Street Capital Wins the Annual Emerging Leaders Award

The chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital was announced as the winner of The M&A Advisor’s Seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Marsala was selected from a group of outstanding nominees by an independent panel that comprised distinguished business experts. This prestigious award comes as timely recognition of Marsala expertise and significant accomplishments in the industry.

In his speech, Marsala expressed his joy saying that he is thrilled to be recognized in such competitive industry. He did not forget to acknowledge his team saying without their dedication, support, and professionalism it would not have been possible. Moreover, In 2015, Marsala was honored by NACVA as part of its 40 Under Forty Recognition Program. He was also selected to take part in the 2016 Crain Leadership Academy Program.

The M&A Advisor Emerging Award was started in 2010, and it seeks to recognize and celebrates accomplishments made by young professional leaders, not only in the financial sector but also in community contribution. David Fergusson, the president of M&A Advisor, contented that expansion of Emerging Leaders Program to Europe and the United Kingdom will see winners join a network of exceptional leaders around the world.

Winners of Emerging Leaders Award will be introduced to business communities through a black tie Award gala to be held in New York. The Award Gala features an exclusive event that pairs past and current winners of the Emerging Leaders Award together with professionals in the industry.

The co-founder of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala has vast experience in the financial sector than span to about 15 years. Under the leadership of Marsala, the firm has set outstanding records in providing mergers and acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, buyout, private placing and capital restructuring services.

Over the years, Madison Street Capital has built vast relationships based on trust with business communities across the world. Every Madison Street client is treated as a business partner, and the customers objectives are treated as the firm targets. The team takes the time to understand and analyze customers need. This serves as Madison Street Capital’s optimum path to excel in business. As a result, the firm has a broad range of clientele base that includes Central Iowa Energy Corporation, Fiber Science, and Bond Medial Group Company

Though Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, an increase in demand for it services has seen the company expand and opened branches in Asia, North America, and Africa. Apart from incredible success in the financial industry, Madison Street Capital is committed to influencing positive global change and makes a difference. This can be deduced from the firm strong support to various communities’ initiatives across the world.

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Dead Venezuelans Sign Recall Referendum

It was revealed this week that 190,000 deceased Venezuelan residents were listed on the active recall for President Maduro. Jorge Rodriguez was appointed to verify the names on the referendum by President Maduro and also leads the United Socialist Party.
According to Constitutional jurist Maria Alejandra Diaz it would be very difficult much less impossible to process a recall by the close of the year. Diaz theorizes that the soonest date for a recall referendum would be in January 2017 as it takes about 170 days to process all the paperwork needed for the recall.

Expert Danilo Diaz Granados says that it seems to be that President Maduro has received a stay of Presidential execution until next year when the referendum can be resubmitted. “If I were President Maduro I would stay the course and see how much on a long list of Venezuela’s pressing needs can be resolved before the recall process begins anew” added Granados.

Ross Abelow Helps The Strays In NYC

In the winter especially, there are many stray animals that need assistance. They might have been abandoned by their owners, and left out in the cold. In some cases, they even have medical ailments that do need attention. Since this is a problem in adverse weather conditions at any time in the year, Ross Abelow set up a GoFundMe account in order to help house the strays, and get them the medical attention that they require. This will help the animals that out in the elements and not cared for. Since they cannot take care of themselves, Ross Abelow wants to see them housed and assisted.

Who Is Ross Abelow?

Ross Abelow is a respected lawyer in NY. He handles two different specialties. He is avid at divorce law and entertainment law, and is an expert in both avenues. People go to him for both of these types of issues on a regular basis, and they refer their friends and relatives to go to him if they need a assistance with these types of issues.

Is Ross Abelow Respected By His Peers?

Yes, he is respected by the legal community because of his specialties, and also because he generally care about people. Other lawyers in NY consider him a top notch lawyer that works well for people that are in need of his expertise.

A Free Consultation Will Give A Person The Information That They Need?

Setting up a case for someone by Ross Abelow requires a consultation to gather facts. Since they will be given a free consultation, this is a good chance to see how their rapport will be with Ross Abelow. They will want to be able to feel comfortable with him in order to have all the facts about their situation, whether it be for a divorce or entertainment case. This time is also when a person will find out how much he will charge in fees to represent them. Ross Abelow will be professional and interested in all that they have to say about their situation.

When people are in need of Ross Abelow’s legal help, they can contact his office to set up an appointment. Once they talk with him, they will see why he is highly recommended by others for the work that he is capable of doing.

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Lime Crime Achieves Insta Fame

PR Newswire just reported that Lime Crime, a unique cosmetics company, has reached the mark of more than 2 million followers on Instagram. In the eight years since the makeup company was founded, it has now surpassed all expectations and has become an online sensation. The makeup company was one of the original powerhouses in the online marketing model for makeup. The founder, Doe Deere, was instrumental in making sure that the company maintained a dominant presence online and built its customer base using social media as much as possible. Deere understands the force of social media in marketing and values the opportunity to connect with followers and customers on a deeper level through platforms like Instagram.

Deere has been actively sharing her favorite Lime Crime products on her personal social media accounts since the brand was established. She continues to use social media effectively in drawing attention to the brand and understanding what customers expect and want to see from it. Deere remains intimately involved in the inner-workings of Lime Crime. Even though the company has reached the ranks of industry success, Deere is passionate about staying connected to her followers and being the creative vision behind the direction of the makeup brand. She is also inspired by fans of the company who regularly submit personal photos with their own take on the Lime Crime makeup products.

Although Lime Crime is based out of Los Angeles, California, the company is now recognized all over the world for its trendy products. Thanks to social media, Deere’s fans and followers from all over the world can interact with the brand and stay up to date on what new products are being launched. Deere is a huge believer in constant innovation, so she works hard to make sure Lime Crime stays ahead of current trends and provides countless opportunities for followers to express their personalities through fabulous makeup. The makeup shades produced by Lime Crime are high-pigmented and cruelty-free. Deere prides herself on making sure the company makes only the highest quality products for customers to enjoy in the most ethical way.  Follow them @LimeCrime on Twitter, or else you can check them out on Facebook where their fan base continues to grow.

Purina and Beneful Address Public Relations Woes

Purina’s Beneful line is not a new release. Beneful, a gourmet line of dog food, first appeared on the pet food market in 2001. The volume of sales is rather tremendous. 14 million dogs per year are fed a steady diet of Beneful. These canines are not prone to complaining, but Beneful ran into some problems with ingredients weaved into the mix. A recent article published in the Huffington Post titles “Beneful Revisited” refutes some of the criticisms and allegations levied at Beneful. (See,
The article points out the ingredient propylene glycol factored heavily into the criticism levied at Beneful. The trouble is many confuse propylene glycol with a completely different compound found in anti-freeze, ethylene glycol. The names of the two “glycols” are similar and this has led to major confusion. Propylene glycol is government approved. Not only is it found in pet foods, it is found in human foods.

Complaints about mycotoxins in Beneful foods surfaces, but these complaints were more than a bit overstated. The same mycotoxins can be traced in other pet foods. Still, bad press derived from the reports. Bad press can cause a lot of hassles for a company as Nestle Purina soon found out.

More than just bad public relations hassles, Purina found itself a victim of civil litigation over the Beneful line. After some costly legal bills, Purina scores a victory when roughly one-third of the plaintiffs dropped out of the proceedings. The legal teams suing Purina have had to make changes to allegations as well. This would indicate things may eventually turn out well for Purina. Once again, bad public relations is unavoidable when civil suits are filed. The stigma of being sued might hang over the Beneful brand unless a strong image-improvement campaign is undertaken. Purina knows this, which is why the company is trying to publicly address and refute negative claims made against it.

If the strategy works, Beneful see its already impressive sales figures on Amazon grow even higher.

Bad public relations does derive from confusing scenarios such as these. has had to deal with bad news, but the company has done a good job fighting back.



A Consumer Proves the Benefits of Wen by Chaz

When Los Angeles-based hairstylist Chaz Dean opened his Hollywood studio, he knew what his clients wanted: a place of peace and tranquility where they could escape the stress and anxiety of their busy lives. His salon was tucked away and secluded, granting a brief respite from the harsh realities outside. Chaz Dean wanted the products he used to style his clients’ hair to be gentle and natural as well. Because shampoo is a detergent, cleaning by means of sulfates and other chemicals and stripping the hair of its natural oils, Chaz wanted to eschew its use and instead find a gentle and natural cleanser.

That’s when Chaz Dean came up with WEN. Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner, which according to a Guthy-Renker review, is able to remove dirt and grime without shampoo and at the same time detangling the hair, deep-conditioning it, and giving it body and luster. The product line consists of a number of formulas, each a pleasing blend of botanicals, herbs, and natural extracts, produced in the USA without animal testing. There are currently over a dozen varieties of Wen available at Sephora Beauty Market, from Mandarin Italian Fig to the exquisite Pink Jasmine Peony. There’s a fragrance-free option as well, along with formulas just for children and for men.
A recent article at reported a candid experiment run to test the efficacy of Wen by Chaz. ( Emily McClure, the article’s author and a self-proclaimed lover of beauty products, had heard about Wen and was eager to try it out on her thin hair. She recorded the progress of the week-long trial and included selfies showing the effects of Wen on her hair. According to Emily, the first day of the experiment was intriguing. She showered late at night, after a long and tiring day at work. After blow-drying her hair, she was pleased to find that it had a lot of body and shine. But the next morning her hair was heavy and greasy. She repeated the process, showering at night and using Wen, then finding herself disappointed the next morning. So she then tried showering and using Wen in the morning. The results were considerably different, and she was pleased with the body and luster that Wen provided. After a week, Emily came to the conclusion that Wen did provide the results it claimed, although each person using it would have to determine the right schedule for its use. Learn more about Wen:

Martin Lustgarten’s Investment Banking Strategy

When you think about the specifics of any sales or service type organization, the key that you need to remember is that you need people to come to you more than anything. When you have a sales team that can attract people, then you have the chance of being successful because you can earn enough of a living off of each client that your entire business model makes sense.


That being said, some individuals are not only good at attracting individuals into their business environment, but they thrive on being around people and helping them at the same time. Martin Lustgarten is not just one of those individuals who is extremely successful because of his knowledge and ability with respect to finances and investment banking; he is tremendously successful because people just like him and he likes to help people as well.


When you think about the investment banking world and the world of finances in general, it truly is a scary place. There are so many different investment vehicles, types of organizations, strategies, sectors, and etc. The chaos of finance is that if you don’t know what you are doing then you can easily and quickly get lost. Furthermore, if you are not constantly involved in the world of finance then you could be in trouble because things change in an instant.


The knowledge that you need to have in the financial world is not only already known by someone like Martin Lustgarten, but with his constant pursuit of knowledge he is actually able to help others as he continues to grow his general base of financial understanding. However, when you think about having an actual partnership with someone in the finance field and you think about someone who can help you to understand not only which choices to make but why to make them as well, that’s exactly where Martin Lustgarten comes in.


At the end of the day finance in general and the world of investing can be summarized very simply. You need to make decisions, but you also need to know why you are making them. For the best results, it’s not wonder so many have flocked to Martin Lustgarten. Find him on Vimeo to learn more about what he’s into.


Portia Kersten CFO of Skout Shares her Uncommon Secrets

For every 40 male CEO’s that is interviewed, approximately 1 female CEO is interviewed. This is the case regardless of the choice of media, or the media outlet, men are just at the top more frequently than women. Still, this doesn’t stop us for reading about female executives who reach the top of the career charts, perhaps because we see it so rarely. Of those that do make it and are interviewed, we read the compact and contrite answers that sound as though they came out of a scripted success book, “hard work, determination, a belief in self, a great family” on and on so that half way through the article you have no interest in reading the remainder. Not so with Skout’s CFO Portia Kersten. For those who don’t know, Skout is the leading mobile app for meeting new people in the world. Beginning in just 2007, the startup has skyrocketed the success scale and continues to grow. Not only is Portia uncommon being in the Chief Financial Officer’s position, but she specializes in running startups. What’s even more differentiating about Portia is her honesty and her genuine candor.

No place is this more apparent than in an interview she gave to Huffington Post. While she may not be the first women to go from a poor upbringing to the pinnacle of success, she credits her imagination with getting her there. Now perhaps her folks helped her along by not having a television in the house, but irrespectively, she like most successful people grew to love books. She states that growing up reading authors like Charles Dickens helped her to see that it was possible to beat the odds. Apparently her love of literature was fostered at home as her parent’s named her Portia after the character in Shakesphere’s Merchant of Venice.

When confronted with the same question that is posed to all powerful women about a home and work balance, Portia is outright honest and says she doesn’t maintain a delicate balance. On the contrary, her answer is that she’s so busy she only has time for high priority tasks, be it at Skout or at home. She’s even candid about her husband’s description of her mantra, as he relates with rolled eyes, “efficiency in all things.” Not too many women would be comfortable giving such a personal insight to a nationally well-read magazine. She credits the founder of Parenting Magazine, Robin Wolaner, with being her mentor and teaching her how to persevere and push through difficult challenges in her life. When asked what advice she would give other aspiring female CFO’s she’s well-grounded in her answer of “having patience” and exercising logic, politeness and its repetition as the foundations for success. Read more about Portia in her interview with the Huffington Post here.

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VTA Publications Offers Solid Advice About Giving Criticism

VTA Publications remains a sought after business for those hoping to publish non-fiction digital or print materials. Those involved with distance learning courses do want to see their endeavors succeed. VTA Publications is able to do work that contributes to such success.

VTA Publications publishing informative articles on its website that the business-minded would greatly benefit from reading. An entry titled “Trouble Awaits You If You Do This” has quite a bit of interesting food for thought.

Using an analogy from rugby, the article points out getting people to align with you in a teamwork-oriented manner is definitely helpful. Most people realize they have to form strategic teams and partnerships. The trouble they run into is of their own making. They try to use criticism – sometimes harsh criticism – as a means of achieving results.

People generally don’t respond well to criticism. Don’t do it.

One thing to do is consult with VTA Publications when looking to distribute content. The company was incorporated on the 3rd of December in 2012 and has served many clients since that time. The United Kingdom-based company continues to attract new customers looking for quality work.

The art of persuading people is not just done to achieve teamwork. Regardless, criticism may be an easy way to capture people’s attention. It might even get some good points across. Criticism, however, has its limits. At the core, criticism is consistently associated with negativity. Being negative rarely moves people towards a desirable, positive response.

Kyle Bass Sold The Emperor An Invisible Suit, Then Said He Had No Clothes

Kyle Bass cries wolf, then plays wolf. That’s the easiest way to sum up his approach to finances. Look at Goldman-Sachs and Bear-Kearns. Bass was an executive at Bear-Kearns until he was not. So he went to a journalist and told him that a routine novation between Kearns and Sachs had been refused. The reporter asked an executive on live television a question that implied Goldman-Sachs had lost confidence in Bear-Stearns, which was never the case. As the interview was proceeding, probably at the very same time the question was asked, Goldman-Sachs was issuing an e-mail approving the routine novation. The damage had been done, though, and before the end of the week, Bear-Stearns imploded due to lack of confidence on Wall Street, and was absorbed by J.P. Morgan Chase. All because Kyle Bass let slip some proprietary information that was likely routine to begin with.

Novations work like this: If A equals B, and B equals C, then A equals C. If mortgage-backed securities are worth money, then they can be translated into money, which can then be traded on the stock market. Or, those securities can just be traded. Now the securities in question were built on sub-prime loans which allowed those who didn’t have the finances to pay for their loans, to be approved for these sums of money they couldn’t return. Basically, these mortgages were bags of money with gaping holes in the bottom and coins trailing behind as they were carried from the property to the bank, and Kyle Bass–who had been part of the problem before–suddenly turned on the institution and the house of cards began to fall. Bass predicted a collapse by the end of 2008, and he was right. Shoot, when you drop a vase from a fifty story building, then turn around and say: “It’s going to break when it hits the ground,” you’re not a prophet; you’re conscious.

But Bass uses the fall of greats in order to profit. The Coalition for Affordable Drugs is a group he manages which uses politicking to decrease the prices pharmaceuticals can sell their drugs for, and loses substantial profit for them. When their stock drops, Bass short-sells his holdings. He manipulates the stock market within the bounds of law, and in a way that loses America millions. But then Bass is connected with socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who presides over their home country of Argentina. Though Bass is a hedge-fund manager based out of Texas, it seems very likely his actions on Wall Street are informed by the ideologies which foster his relationship to de Kirchner.